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5 Goals

My goals for this year – though the year has half way through but he ho!

  1. Run 10 kms
  2. Pot plants (Tulsi, flowers and herbs)
  3. Travel three countries
  4. Read Harry Potter – with Reva
  5. Write and update the blog



A Tribute

Being a usual weekday early morning I woke up and in auto-pilot mode, took my warm glass of water and switched on the BBC News channel on TV. News readers were discussing about Apple- they must discussing about new iphone 4S launch I thought but a second later realized it was a day ago. Then I heard about Steve Jobs’s death in distant.

A tear rolled from my eye and I don’t know why?? I am just a iphone, ipod fan who thinks he was one of the genius that existed in  the world and made the people go crazy after technology. He moved technology from geeky level to status-symbol. White was the new black after ipod came out with white earphones. The white earphone connected and fingers scrolling through rectangular gadget is enough to accessorize yourself. Keep aside any brands and trends, if you are plugged to white earphone you are in. One for all and all for one.

I actually touched my first ipod on my first day of marriage, when I was sitting all alone in the room. Doing nothing except greeting everyone. Vishal gave his ipod to me to kill the time and there it was in my hand. All black and sleek and then I realize how it felt to hold an ipod. Since then I always admired every innovation of Apple and later Steve Jobs.

Apart from Apple, he gave us Pixar. Finding Nemo, Toy Stories, The Incredibles, Cars, WALL-E and Up. If I had a choice on the movie, my first choice in always animated movies.

The man is not only know by his products but also his words. One dayVishal and me was following TED and there we watched one of the Steve’s commencement speech at Stanford University. I was so impressed by his life, the struggle he made, hardship he faced – his story about connecting dots.

Thanks Steve for everything. I will never forget to “Think Different”.

Hello Spring!

Finally Spring is here. This week we have lots of sunshine and warmth. I am so thrilled to feel the peck of summer.  It’s so beautiful to look around, flowers blooming on the plants, green buds coming out from haunted trees, sunshine till 8 PM, it so wonderful to have this season. Some snaps to welcome Spring –


I don't know the name of this tree but to me the flowers looks like Lotus, Lotus on trees 🙂


We now usually spend evening downstairs, Reva loves to run in the ground but cute little thing she does that she got afraid with little flowers grows in the grass. At one point she was surrounded by bunch of flowers in the ground she was trying to hop to avoid any contact and as soon she touched one she started crying, it was such an adorable moment.

And my favorite part is to see little buds coming out in the trees, everyday they got bigger and bigger. Can’t wait to see the tree turn all green again.


Hello Spring !

From the “Patiala House”

Southall is just few miles from our place. I was familiar with the name before and heard that it is famous for the biggest Punjabi (South Asian) Community living outside India. Since we moved here, Vishal always wanted to go there for having some Indian meal and also for Indian grocery which is not available in general super store. We never dared to go using public transportation as there is no easy commute to reach Southall. So we decided to go once we have car and last month we finally went there and found that it’s just 15-20 mins far. It was very cold that day so we just bought the bare minimum stuff and came back. We didn’t look much around.

Sunday was Holi and we haven’t had any sweets. I didn’t get a chance to made any and we were missing them badly.  So we know where to go – Southall. To our surprise we have sunshine (sunshine in London is always a surprise) which was just perfect. We planned to start the trip with temple and then Chappan Bhog (yeah The Chappan Bhog!).  We went to temple but it was so crowded that we took blessings from the gate. So its time to go Chappan Bhog. We had yummy Chole Bhature, Bhelpuri, Samosas and Jalebi. They tasted so Indian. Reva also enjoyed her first Jalebi, you know she had started making yummy sounds like mmmm, uuuuu – they are so cute and she did make them when she had jalebi 🙂

After pet-pooja we went headed towards grocery store and this time decided to go new one – The Quality Foods. I never seen such a big food store outside India. It was like mini Costco, I was really impressed. In fact I was all amused to see the place. If you remove London or UK from the Southall it is no different from New Market in Bhopal or Hazratganj in Lucknow or CP in New Delhi. There were Indians all around, music shops playing punjabi songs or Mhod. Rafi songs, Toys shops, textile shops hanging there sale itmes on curbs, Jewelery shops, Saree emporiums, fruit shops, temples, Gurudwaras everything was so Indian. Even there was Cinema who was playing Jeetendra’s Himalaya-Putra (!!!!). As we were roaming I was feeling little uncomfortable and I don’t know why. Dozen of questions came into my mind during my walk around – why are so many Indians are here, what made them to come here, did they came appropriately – etc etc.  So after spending more than an hour we decided to leave.

Later in the evening we decided to watch “The Patiala House” movie. Oh my God, movie starts from Southall Community Playground, its like revising our visits. Movie was pathetic as expected, they spent pounds (that’s right pounds) on inviting Cricket celebrity but forgot to revise the script. And the most irritating part was there was the cricket match, looks like match was only between Akshay and Symonds. I don’t have words to elaborate its “patheticness”. The only thing I find it realistic that they shown the right weather in the movie – all grey and dark, so true for London weather (heh heh).

After visiting Southall I came to know lots of interesting facts about it like over 55% of Southall’s population of 70,000 is Indian/Pakistani, with less than 10% being White British. Southall was the main location for the internationally acclaimed film Bend It Like Beckham.  Southall is also the location of the Glassy Junction public house, which serves several Indian draught beers and was the first pub in the UK to accept payment in Indian rupees. Southall has many well known restaurants such as Chaudhry’s TKC, Gifto’s, Madhu’s and Mirch Masala. TKC are known for the Chaudhry’s Tiara which is a one of its kind unique Pakistani bus which has appeared in many adverts such as walkers and in the bollywood film Jhoom Barabar Jhoom. But I don’t felt proud or anything – still confused about my feeling.

over 55% of Southall’s population of 70,000 is Indian/Pakistani, with less than 10% being White British.

Last day of Feburary

February passed in a jiffy. I was snail on writing posts this month. So much to write about and little time to sit, think and write. I clicked snaps on time but just couldn’t get time to post them. So today I just write summary of everything and begin from the first week.

February starts with my Mom & Dad 30th Wedding  Anniversary. I keep their first wedding photo with me all the time since I left home.

They look so stunning in this photo. Whenever I see the photo it gives me such an immense pleasure. When I was planning for my wedding I asked Mum to make same jewellery as she is wearing in the photo, although it didn’t happened but I managed to have nose ring like her but unfortunately my nose is not pierced :D. I am not writing much about them because I can’t find words, my only wish from God is to give all the health and happiness and let all the negativity around them put to an end as soon as possible.

Later in the week I did some gardening, (finally) we have pots and plants.

We have Marigold, Freesia, Amenome, Daisy, Parsley, Basil, Chives, Mint and Coriander. As you can see some has wake up from their soil bed and some still are sleeping. Today I moved couple of pots outside and waiting others to grow. It was fun and everyday starts with an anticipation to take a peek of them as soon as I wake up. Cant wait to see them grow and bloom.

My baking went to disaster again. I made fruit cake and its top layer started burning in 5 mins and I had to take it out before it got cooked thoroughly. I guessed my oven’s temperature knob was not working properly. What a disaster! I am not baking anything sooner.

My cheeky monkey turned 18 months. Oh boy!! she is getting naughty exponentially. Now she can do actions on some of her rhymes, she read (gibberishly) to her self, she can shout, she can hold your finger and lead to the room which is locked and can tell you to open for her.. and so on. Bless you my princess 🙂

at London Bridge

I am watching Aliens quadraliogy, and man its awesome so far. I watched first 2 movies and they are pretty good as compared to the year they were made. Watched couple of movies when kiddo take her nap 🙂

All is well here and hope you are doing well too.

PS: I wrote the post yesterday but I am posting it today, so please don’t mind 🙂


For past couple of days we are very busy. Busy as bee. There are hospital visits, Friends visits, helping friends to search for apartments, cooking dinner for 4 and taking care of little one, little one who has stopped eating and sleeping, little one who just loved to do her swirls and twirls all the time and when there are guests in the house she can’t stop for a second.  Everyone is on toes for past 3-4 days.

Did this happened to you – you mourn for something which you never get to everyone you know and poof !! it’s everywhere, and it came so much that in the end you would say to yourself, I didn’t ask that much !! Yeah something happened to me past couple of days so I am now in excess mourning state.

Mourning aside, I baked Almond cookies this weekend.

I fell in love with cute little silicon muffin cases I bought few months back. They are such delights – reusable, require almost no cleaning and I like the shapes of cookies when they came out, all even. Classic process is to leave the spoonful dough of cookies on the greased pan or use parchment paper instead of greasing the pan but my dough some times has so running consistency that it doesn’t work for me. These muffin cases are perfect for me and they are so colorful, Reva loves to play with them as well –

Also I baked Banana-Walnut-Chocolate Cookies few weeks back.

We had grilled Salmon this weekend, it was so easy to made and so yummy –

Yeah I am stepping towards to become Non-Vegetarian. I started to have eggs, chicken and fish. People tend to leave non-veg but I on the other hand start eating it, I don’t mind because I am eating for taste. I still love dal-chawal with Vishal’s cooked Aloo bhujiya indefinitely. So why Non-veg ?? There is a story behind it. I might be 5-6 years old when my family used to eat non-veg. I mean proper types, we used to have big meals for friends and families on Sundays cooked by Papa with helping Mom and Aunties. Papa loved eating fish, chicken and lamb and so we little ones. Few months back when I told Mom that Reva is having boiled eggs in her breakfast then she told me I used to love sunny side up eggs [ !!! I don’t remember anything like that]. So you know that my family loves Non-Vegetarian food 20 years ago but then one day a unfortuante [maybe fortunate] thing happened and Papa decided to quit. My father is very religious man, seriously. I could write hundred of posts to prove it that he is the most religious man I ever seen. In 1989, my father was posted in Gwalior. His office was in the little outskirts of the city and the building was quite big and old. One day a group of Jain Saints came to the office campus looking for shade and water [classic story!]. You know about Jain saints – they eat before sunset, they stop before sunset, they only walk and never use any kind of transportations, they keep their mouth covered. It was about sunset and the group need some place to spend the night. They send one of their man to Papa’s office to see if there any possiblity for them to have some place for the night. A man came to the office and was asking help, Papa heard his conversation with some men in the office. He immediately alowed them stay in one of the building’s room. He arranged electricity and water for them. Ask one of his helper to stay back if they would need anything in the night. The man went back to his group with the happy news. Papa was about to leave for the day when that Man again came up and said “Sahab apko Baba bula rahe hain”. Papa was like “kaun baba”. He said “Hamare baba, aapse milna chahte hain”. Papa said ok, lets meet him. He went to the room relunctantly and the man asked him to go straight where a man aka Baba was sitting a little higher on the ground. Papa walked towards Baba and sat. Baba asked Papa’s name and about his village. Then he said, “do you want peace and happiness in life” [tell me one name who don’t want it!!], Papa said yes. Baba said, ” Then you have to quit one of your favorite thing immediately and forever”. And the only thing Papa remember was “Non-Vegetarian food” [d’oh!]. Then and there he quit eating Non-vegetarian food for peace and happiness [which I don’t understand how quitting your favorite thing leads to happiness and peace and why saint always asked to leave what we love the most – is this the true way of happiness and peace or they want to make our life as miserable as they have their own ?? – another whole lotta story].

Though I never had any non-vegetarian food for 20 years but I still got that taste bud and living with a foodie I got the reason to reactivate those taste buds. So far I am loving it :). I am aware of what I am having in my food and I made myself promise to keep my indulgence in a limit. For sometime I loved to eat out but now I started cooking. Fish particularly Salmon is a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids, so we decided to have it on once a week. I cooked in a simple way so that Reva also can have some bites.

Here I am cooking, baking and rambling on about life.


We socialize past weekend.  On saturday we invited some friends for lunch and Sunday we went for lunch. Both are Vishal’s good old buddies. When I came to London I was quite worried about our social life because back in California we didn’t have much to do socially and we didn’t mind. I never regretted in California for not being a social animal because we spent quality time with each other and that’s what we needed the most. Being with little one, every one needs social life, someone to chitter-chatter about kid’s requirements, some distraction for us from our chaotic life. In London I feel the need to have some friends and family around. But there is always a question in front of me about Socializing – do we really need it and to what extent ?.

I thought of this post  Sunday morning when sitting in sunshine [sunshine is my true inspiration of thoughts :D]. I was remembering those times when we kids used to go with our parents in their social gatherings. Usually we have once in a month parties for families. All was going well for little while when we completed primary school but as soon as we hit secondary class all gatherings become some kind of assessments for us. Mostly parents talked about their children’s report cards, minor tests, major tests, exams, preparations, achievements, awards, appreciations, sports activity, routines, discipline, gifts, dresses and many more. Every discussion aimed to prove how well one’s child is doing. Then later at home we were compared to other children, how they study, how well they score marks in maths and science, how well they behave, how they active in study and other curricular activities and many more. So later I stopped going in gatherings and felt better off in the home having fun with my sister and we both left wonder why our parents are not satisfied with our performances. This was my father’s professional side, on our family side we used to go to our close relation’s place and they came to our house. Usually food was to cooked 10-15 people at home, my poor Mom and Aunties. Those days not a single dish was bought from the market, everything cooked at home. Ladies gathered in the kitchen cooking all meals and Gentlemen in living room enjoying the weather, sports, movies or gossips. All the children had their own time-pass. Bonding was so strong that time and now no one wants to see each other’s face.

After two decades everyone is well placed, settled and some raising their kids.  And when I talk or think about gatherings, get-together my childhood memories always came to my mind.  I don’t want such type of socialization. I don’t want my daughter to suffocate in my gatherings. I don’t want to be suffocate in the name of socializing [you know when 2-3 people meet, then other bad stuff also begins like bitching and other stuff] and it makes me reluctant about it [though I love social life].

Our elders says “aajkal toh kisi ko ekdusre se koi matlab hi nahi hai, bagal wale ghar mai kaun rehta hai ye bhi nahi pata”. Actually I never mind it, and it doesn’t mean that we are self-contained neighbours or the others but we respect each other’s privacy too. Living away from our society is truly sad but it gave an opportunity for us to choose our own and understand what we really want.

Our weekend went really nice, meeting old friends, remembering old days and I enjoyed them most because I get to know things about Vishal which is usually came out when old friends meet after a long time. PT bunking in school, a quick brief of hostel life in college – all the hungama they made in canteen, their 10/- per coffee stall in college fair, Music band, FM radio shows. Gathering ended with singing old and new songs on guitar. I liked the way it goes, little one too enjoyed meeting people. In happiness and excitement she lost her appetite and sleep and now she is covering up. Well looking forward for more.