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Hello Spring!

Finally Spring is here. This week we have lots of sunshine and warmth. I am so thrilled to feel the peck of summer.  It’s so beautiful to look around, flowers blooming on the plants, green buds coming out from haunted trees, sunshine till 8 PM, it so wonderful to have this season. Some snaps to welcome Spring –


I don't know the name of this tree but to me the flowers looks like Lotus, Lotus on trees 🙂


We now usually spend evening downstairs, Reva loves to run in the ground but cute little thing she does that she got afraid with little flowers grows in the grass. At one point she was surrounded by bunch of flowers in the ground she was trying to hop to avoid any contact and as soon she touched one she started crying, it was such an adorable moment.

And my favorite part is to see little buds coming out in the trees, everyday they got bigger and bigger. Can’t wait to see the tree turn all green again.


Hello Spring !


Southall Revisited

Previous post was about Southall and this post shows some snapshots of the place.

Chappan Bhog –

Himalaya Theatre playing “Himmatwala” –

Temple –

Southall Town Centre –

Bazaar at Southall –

We had revisit in the name of Jalebi and we returned with bags ful of Jalebi, Khasta Kachori and Samosas 🙂


Sky this morning –

I don’t know what it is called but I find it similar to beach sand. Looks like an ocean wave just swept away and gave the clouds such a beautiful form.

I just loved to see clouds scattered like this in the sky

Puffs of cloud high in the sky

Beautiful things floating by – oh! it’s a Jet Plane, where is it going ? Is it going up or across ?? When I was little I thought they are rockets going to moon and frankly today also when I saw them my first thought was rockets. Also I don’t know where the plane going – up or across, do you know ?

Coldplay’s The Scientist was playing on the iPod when I was clicking these pictures and it was going perfect with the situation so here the song for you as well.


PS: Puffs of Clouds high in the sky, Beautiful things floating by – these lines are from Reva’s favorite show – Show Me Show Me 🙂

Nature’s Way

We have a beautiful Sunrise this morning. Just like cracking dawn.

We are blessed with sunshine past weekend. A little sunshine makes our day blooming and energetic.  My Hyacinth are also blooming all over, yes all over and man ! what fragrance. My house is smelling so nice these days.

One is white and the other one is violet. One is in kitchen and other one in living room. Both has spread their blooming buds all over the pot that we had to tie them. I am really happy to have them and so my little one 🙂

Capturing Happiness

In earlier post I told you that we had our own little family photo shoot. It started with a little sunshine came upon the morning of 2nd January. I bought a bunch of flowers previous day so thought of keeping them in sunshine for a while. As I kept them on the window they took my breath away. I always admire flowers in the windows and it was so picture perfect that I had to take their shots. Later Vishal also pitched in taking family photos, a little of peak me and my little one together.

I think  they are my January Calendar Photographs. So now on every first week of month I am going to post Calendar photos, a nice reason to capture happiness, isn’t it ?

Christmasy Shopping after Christmas Day

We got the chance to  buy some left-overs of the Christmas Day which was put on the lowest sale possible. I got the chance to buy some knick knacks all in red [christmasy u know] and Hyacinth.

I love Hyacinth and dreamed of growing them someday but never knew so soon I will be keeping them in my house and wait for them to bloom. They are my first pot plants. I bought them in just £2, pot+bulbs+compost. So i bought two pots and I can’t wait them to grow.

Another one

Rest of the shopping was just like that.  I always saw crackers in the store but I never gave a thought that they are really fireless-crackers for Christmas Day [I don’t think any Indian can even imagine any fireless crackers can exist in the world]. Two people pull them from each side and will make a strong pop sound [that’s the only sound you can hear] and out come some novelties, jokes, tinsel etc.  It was £2.50 of box during Christmas and I bought it in £0.85 [heh heh] in the name of Reva and later we both were pulling it.

Can you guess what is that in 3rd above picture with Snow Man on it  ?? I first saw it and thought of handbag and moved ahead. Later Vishal reminded me that we need an apron and I said yeah but I can’t find any and he showed me this 🙂 I must say I liked how it is packed, I like the way how they are size adjustable. One red apron for both of us [so Christmasy !]

Last but not the least, red cups for two [so so Christmasy!!]. I have nothing to say about it, I just bought them in random.

We went for shopping for ourselves but we bought nothing and instead we were enjoying to look into sales racks. What fun !

A warm start to the year

We celebrated first day of New Year with lights and flowers.

Slow and steady start of year, month, week or day is all we need.  We planned many things on first day like a visit to temple, then lunch at our favorite place and above all we took an appointment to a studio for family picture. For us planning stands no where in the end. Vishal woke up on time but Mommy and Princess were sleeping like a beauty until late morning and woke up just an hour before the appointment.  It was impossible to get ready in an hour so visit to Photo studio was down. Internet went down that day, so we couldn’t get the address and directions from the Google Maps so no visit to temple. As we had the late start of the day so lunch plan had to drop. You can say it was an unexpected start of the New Year but I won’t say I was disappointed because everything happens for reason [my new mantra :)]. Next morning we did some photo shoots by ourselves and they were marvelous [I will show you some of its peak in my next post], the Temple which we planning to go we later found out had mapped incorrectly and our favorite restaurant was closed on the first day – instead we had a great 2nd day of the New Year.

I loved celebration and always freaked out when the day came for celebrations but in this freaking out process I forgot that celebration are just a way of celebrating life but it doesn’t mean that one should forget about the people with whom you are celebrating. Now I am beginning to think that every day is a celebration and it’s okay to skip formal occasion of celebration. So here I am celebrating everyday and skipping some and I am loving it because we are having fun in that way !!

Its Monday, Vishal’s last day of holidays. He had 13 days of holidays this time, longest ever. I think one of the good things that happened after coming to London. 13 days of paid leave, what more can one ask for.  He spent a good time with us and we had fun together, although with a kid it’s all messy and tiring but I am happy that Reva actually spent some time with her dad.  She learnt so many things from daddy [obviously naughtiness].  They play together, eat together, read together, shout together and I just loved the way they both play guitar together –

perfect moment


I am going to miss him a lot and so is the little one.  From tomorrow on we are back on our routine. I hope you too had nice and warm start of year.