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Revisitng old pictures

Picture of my princess taken in Oct 2012 –

Below is taken some time in April/May 2015 –

IMG_1688She has grown so much since then – turned six years this August, in Year 2 and still havent finished her first coloring book ๐Ÿ™‚

We parents are so crazy I tell you – every morning after breakfast and school run chaos, when I see elder kids on the way to school and hope for the day soon to come when I will be having independent kids like them but when seeing these pictures when Reva was so little and boss around so cutely then I feel why she has to grow up – cant i have my cute and naughty kids be the same age forever but hint of independence too ๐Ÿ˜›


First vist of the Tooth Fairy

On 10th January, Reva’s first tooth fell over. She has been struggling with that wobbly tooth for over two weeks. It all started when her best friend in school lost her tooth and she told Reva all about it. That week Reva’s tooth started wobbling. Thanks to her friend that Reva was already aware of what to expect while tooth wobble, hurts and fall. “Mummy it’s going to be real blood in my mouth when my tooth fall – seriously!”

She had real trouble while eating as it was not just one but both of the bottom teeth were wobbling. I was kind of scared too. Following the tradition I did all the prep work for the tooth fairy night a week ago and started counting days.


So a week passed and tooth was wobbling as ever. Saturday early morning Reva was having high temperature and was really poorly. Doesn’t want to eat or drink at all. As soon as her fever went down I gave her an apple to munch while I was sitting beside her. Suddenly she took out the tooth from her mouth and started jumping – my tooth, my tooth!!!! It was indeed a bloody show ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

2015/01/img_2041.jpgFinally tooth came out, she started crying. My poor baby! Though Ms Sunshine was all excited within a second about the tooth fairy’s visit. She washed the tooth, put it in the box and her next question was – is it night yet?

Managing hyper active girl who is waiting for tooth fairy and running 102 temperature was really tough! We finally made it through the night, usually she is down to sleep within 15 minutes but I have to ask my Mum to lie down with her because it was passed one hour and she was wide awake. I need to take care of the other hyper active one too. While lying down with Nanny she told her all about tooth fairy who is really teeny tiny and how she is going to take her the tooth out of the box under the pillow and will put a gold coin. And finally she went to sleep.

So now it was time for real ‘tooth fairy’ action. Before putting Reva to bed I asked her what is she expecting in the morning and she told me it would be nice to have gold chocolate COINS under my pillow – I bought silver and gold both kind and hid it away safely. Finishing all the night chores I went to the chocolate coins hiding place and couldn’t find them – perfect!! Looked all around, in all the cupboards, poly bags, shelves, kitchen, toy boxes, laptop bag, all the possible places where I can accidentally keep and forget and even trash bag but just can’t find it!! oh my wooly world – this can’t be happening to me. I have a little and unwell girl who is sleeping with a tooth under her pillow and expecting a teeny tiny tooth fairy who will take her tooth away and put a chocolate coins first thing in the morning!! I asked my sleeping Mum if she has seen that ASDA bag with gold and silver coins in it. She got off from the bed that instant went downstairs to help me. She looked into that supposed to be hiding cupboard first and wiggle things here and there and VOILA she found it!!! PHEEEEEEEEWWWW!!!

And that’s the reason God created real and physical mothers as FAIRIES! (shhh.. don’t tell that to Reva) What would I have done without her! Thanks a ton Mum ๐Ÿ™‚

Morning started with screaming, shouting, jumping and with all the possible excitement in 103 deg fever! To my all time surprise – she did her good habits without even me asking. Had her first chocolate coin and after breakfast had another one.

One down and 27 to go! Poor daddy missing all the fun…..

Colors and Shoes

First of all I want to thank you Reva’s Aunt orramoon for helping to edit pictures for this post. Thanks again orra ๐Ÿ™‚

We bought Colors and Sketch Book for Reva, her first ever. She loves to scribble with them in every page possible except her sketch book. A glimpse –

Colors and Sketchbook

using colors - by orra

Now putting them back - by orra

The other day she was scribbling on one of the library book, so we have to be careful and keep an eraser in the home.

Till then Happy Coloring ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh almost forgot to post this picture, Reva now trying to put her feet in our shoes. She found my shoes which has a little heel. It was so much fun to watch her, balancing herself in that shoe –

Little Feet - by orra

21 Months

Reva turned 21 months old. In past 2-3 months she has learned quite a lot. Since there is a lot to tell about her, it is better to break down everything in little paras.

Weekdays morning are always in a hurry. She usually woke up on her own but not when she has to go to the nursery.ย  She is lazy like her mother in the morning ๐Ÿ™‚

Ready to go nursery

She has learned so much in the nursery, she knows every nursery rhymes with actions. She has also started eating herself by spoon. Scooping is still not good but she is getting there. When I was helping Reva to settle in the nursery I usually stayed during their lunch time. I was so mesmerized to see little kids eating on their own. In my life I never saw children around the age of 18 months feeding themselves. We have also started Reva with the same, we still end up with mess but we are so proud of her.

Playing in the Nursery Park

Drinking from the glass ๐Ÿ™‚

At home she is different personality. Bossing around, doing whatever she likes (we liked it that way as well :)). These days her favorite is Peppa-Pig ride-on. Earlier we used to help her drive but now she is so comfortable on it that couple of times she was trying to stand on its seat.

Peppa Pig on the go...

She loves to play outdoor but hates wind. She loves to play ball and running in the ground.

Playing ball with her Uncle

Run, Little Girl, Run - but be careful

Now her gibberish talking is making sense, not much but little. Like:

What thish ?

Won, too, threeeee, sikhs (six), annnnnn (ten)

Peeya !! (water or milk to drink)

She knows – cow goesย  “mooooooo”, sheep goes “baaaaaaaaaa” and duck goes “quack”

Oh dear !! and Uhoh!! (when accident happened like books fell, toys fell, peppa pig banged in the wall)

It gives such an immense pleasure to see her learning and playing around. She is such a happy feet ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy 21 months Reva, May God shower all his blessing upon you. Loveย  – Mommy and Daddy.


This morning I am trying to dress Reva and believe me it is the hardest part of the day, actually there more but lets stick to this one. So here I am trying to dress the little princess and she is running away from me to the other corner of the bed and giggling. She knows the fun now, she hate to wear any piece of cloths from the head. As soon as she gets the idea that something is going from her head she just ran away. But today all the frustration turns in to big laughs when I had my first conversation with my daughter. So here it is –

Me: Baby, please put on the t-shirt !!

Reva: NO !! (yeah she can speak No and Don’t and she also knows when and where to speak)

Me: kyu ?? (Why ?)

Reva: Three !! (yeah she knows the countingย  – 2,3,4)

And I had the best laugh ever ๐Ÿ™‚

17 Months

Happy 17 Months Reva.

Man! she is getting naughtier day by day. I don’t know where she get all this energy ? Oh about her eating, we did some changes. Now she have her meal only upon her chair, no roaming here and there when it is meal time. I started her giving hals bowl of food instead of full bowl. I stopped expecting her to finish and respect if she nods for no-more, three nods and I stop. I aim on healthy food rather than variety of food. So as long as she is having fruits, vegetables and milk in her diet it’s all good and above all as long as she is active everything is good.

I grab the camera this morning and I try to capture some of her activities of the day, before I begin I wanted to add that her waking time has now increased from 3 hours to 5-6 hours this week, so there is so much to do for her in the day and seems like it never stops. I start from books, she love her books so much. Mostly she will be picking books from her box and bring to us for read or she will be sitting on the floor or her corner reading them and turning pages –

Her favorite is “the very hungry caterpillar”

She just can’t get enough of it. She will find this book from the bottom of the box and make you read hundred times and in the end if you are tired she would read for you ๐Ÿ™‚ I am glad that she loves books. Now lets talk about her innovations –

This is Daddy’s slipper in living room with bread-sticks on it. She love and adore shoes and socks [she says shaa-yiks]. I gave her bread sticks to munch which she obviously didn’t liked and found the way of hiding the leftover this way.ย  Great !! no more bread sticks from now on. Speaking of shaa-yiks aka socks, she knows they are worn on feet and after numerous try of wearing them on her own, yesterday she found mine and was trying this –

Sometimes she just floored me with her cleverness [touchwood!!].ย  My living room this morning –

One basket is of toys and other one is of books and princess is on phone with queen chatting about the weather. As soon as I kept the camera on the table I found this happening –

This week she has mastered the art of floating under the bed. She even brought things which were supposed to be lost like – my hair-band, water bottle, her socks and lots of balls of dust.

The ball is always under the bed and if it is not she will kick it in there so that she will get chance to dive under the bed. And when she came out from the bed there are always something in her mouth – can you guess what ? Can you see some bits on the floor – that’s it. Still somethings are under there, one gloves, book and more. Also, she started to scribble. One day I was making grocery list and she hopped on my lap, grab the pen and started writing.

There are so many things to write and show but then I would never stop. Her tales are never-ending. Some times I get so frustrated of her not being easy on diaper change or getting dress or sleep but in few minutes I am back to normal because she knows how to make me smile. She will put her face on my lips for kiss or hug me and put her face on my shoulder. She is such a darling. These days when we give something to eat like biscuits so after taking few bite she will feed it to us. Bite after bite and watch until we swallow. Everything is ‘mummy’, ‘mumma’, ‘mimmi’ , daddy is mummy, distress call is mummy, she wants some thing it is mummy. We are on hunt of day nurseries for her so that she can have proper day and spend her energies in a constructive way. I am so confused, at one time I want it but second moment I am having cold feet. Just can’t decide and plus we haven’t found anything good yet. So Hope for the best.

God Bless my baby!

Love from Mommy and Daddy.


A Princess who know how to Nod

I am in stress. Reva’s eating habits are stressing me out. Not much eating, she prefer bottles over cup and in the end she fill her stomach by drinking milk. Her current weight is also stressing me out. Doctor says to take things under my control but I don’t how ? I can’t judge where to make tough decisions. After multiple of refusals I stop giving her food and leave her alone. In five minutes she will turn all gloomy and show signs of sleepiness. And when you take her to the bed she starts playing and when you bring her back in the living room, she will play for 2 minutes and then again became clingy and sleepy. Then I offer her some to eat and she would clearly say ‘No’ and then I took her again to bed and same process After 20-30 minutes of repetitive cycles, I finally give her milk bottle assuming she want her nap but may be her stomach is not full so she is unable to fell asleep. And once the bottle is finished, she is fresh and ready to play for 1-2 hours. Aarrgghhh!!!

She has full control now. She ate little like she was 9 months old baby.ย  I try to give her all sort of variety of foods but she just nod her head like princess and walked away [Grrrrr!!].