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It is Ready!!

Reva’s crochet dress is ready. I’m really rather pleased with how it’s turned out. So is Reva – she loved her new dress and wanted to show all her friends in her nursery 🙂

Aah! [big pleasure-sigh]


Three Things

Flowers are blooming in my house which I bought them last week – still quite fresh and colourful. Winter has done knocking and now slowly slowly entering in our lives and preparing to make it gloomy for next 6 months or so. As the winter crawl over I would start to bring more colourful flowers to coverup outside greys.

The other two things of mine are long-awaited to do things – Crochet and Reading. Yes I am back to my hook and a book.

About crochet –  I was missing it badly and it has been over a year since I last touched it here. I was so tempted to order new colourful yarn inspired by Lucy, but then I decided to clear up my old pile and then jump to new yarns. I really miss my crochet and touch of yarns and the time where its me and two of them. True bliss to see how a pattern come out from a simple thread with the help of a simple hook – absolute bliss 🙂 This time I am making granny inspired dress for Reva – cant wait to see how it will turn out [ so excited] !!

Books: More than a year since I have read my last book (The Lost Symbol). I was so dying to go back to reading again. And it was just not the hobby but my desire to give some peace of mind through reading which motivated me to pick a book. A friend of mine in office gave me a girly book which was perfect start and there is another one I got yesterday from Amazon order, also recommended to me from one my dear friend. It is about positive thinking and I just completed chapter one – loved it. As the title describes that it is all about thinking positive but the thought that hit me most is about praying – yes prayer is ultimate solution to all the problems. Bigger the problem, the bigger prayer should be – so correct! In this fast and busy life I have absolutely stopped praying and started feeling that I am the most sorry person in the whole world but now I know. Really thankful to my friend for pointing me to right book.

Thank you God for giving back my three things 🙂

2010::A Revind

I would like to remember some of my favorite moments in the life as well as in my other favorite place my blog happened in 2010 before I welcome New Year.


We moved in London and best thing I liked here to have flowers on my table as often as possible. I always wished to have fresh flowers in or outside the house. Outside could not possible so I kept store-bought fresh flowers on my table almost every week.


I often wrote about my little one this year, she grown so much. Every month she grown so naughty, active and I loved capturing her sweet and cute moments in camera. Later when I watch them I feel so proud of her and speechless –


I always admire nature and blog inspired me more. I often try to capture nature as much as possible and sometimes Vishal helps me too. In California I enjoyed nature fullest, beaches, sunshine, greenery and London gave me the chance to capture the Autumn and Snow.

::Knit & Crochet::

This year I had made so many things I ever made. I started knitting this year, last time I knitted in 9th std under SUPW period.  Knitting basically happens for little one, I made many caps [some of the caps didn’t even get a chance to get a snap shot before we lost them], sweaters [my first time, two of them came out oversized], scarfs and so on. I am kind of proud of myself and made me satisfied as soon as I finished my project.

This year we were on real move, journey from California to India to London. Adapting new country, new city and missing the old. Year was full of ups and downs. If someone would ask me how was your year, I would give 2 out of 5. For past couple of weeks I was dying to year pass away quickly as possible and today when I am looking back it is making me nostalgic but I am quite happy as well. Blog becomes my second home, a getaway from chaotic mind. Although I started blogging in 2008 but this year I blogged from my heart. I wrote when I was down, I wrote when I was happy, I shared, I nagged. It gives me immense pleasure to write and click snaps of my day-to-day life. I would like to thank you all who came and visit me and spend your precious time reading about my marigold life. I appreciate you all from my bottom of my heart.

A Hat and two Scarf

This winter I am really kicking some first time projects in Knitting. For past two years I was hooked up on hook that is Crochet and these days on Knitting. London weather and its yarn is also supporting my enthusiasm. In couple of weeks I made my first knitted scarf and cabled hat. One scarf for Vishal, one for me and a hat which was originally made for him but later it was declared by him that it is better for her 🙂

Scarf for Him

The original name of the scarf is Acacia Scarf which I found in Ravelry link.  This is a crochet pattern. What I love most about this pattern is being very simple pattern but gives a very intricate look. I really loved working on this pattern. I used merino wool for the scarf which I think gave the desired look and the color was perfect on Vishal.

Getting ready for work 🙂

This Vishal’s first scarf ever and it makes me really happy thinking that he is wearing his first scarf which is my first scarf as well.

Scarf for her

This is really very easy pattern of scarf in Knitting, just following garter stitch pattern in 200gm of yarns. I never worked on multicolor yarn and it was very much interesting. My favorite thing in any scarf is making fringe ;), I just love to add fringes, I think fringe give swing in the scarf.

my cozy multicolor scarf

Now comes the hat, I made hats before but this is my first cabled hat.

Cabled Hat

I found this pattern this Ravelry link but I made few changes here and there. I am quite proud of this hat, can’t wait to experiment more cables. Cable knitting is a type of knit stitch in which one group of stitches is crossed over or under another group of stitches, changing the order in which those stitches appear on the knitting needles. Like if you have stitches in the order of ABCD, then next time they will be stitched in the order CDAB.

So here are my few projects watching TV, enjoying cold weather, mostly watching TV and saving knitting needles and yarns from her. More to go…

Quick update


Hello Everyone !!


Coming to my blog world after a month, I need to be more active now. Hope you all are fine  and enjoying weather. These days we have winter in full swing. Brr !!

Somebody is doing lot of growing –


taking a stroll


Somebody is getting smarter –


other way of enjoying slide


and naughtier and naughtier –


one of the mess in the kitchen


Somebody got his new guitar –


Nice !


and Somebody finished some knitting projects –


Reva's hooded jacket


So you see for past month we had been very active 🙂

See you very soon, Take Care.


Lazy Sunday

Sunday Baking:

Fruity Flapjacks

Flapjacks is a tray bake (or bar cookie) made from rolled oats, fat (typically butter), brown sugar and usually Golden syrup or honey. Somewhat like cereal bars. I tried some on yesterday and they came out very nicely. Recipe was so simple. All you need is: Oats (in India they come in Quaker Oats), 2T honey, butter, vegetable oil and your choice of dried fruits (I used dried berries mix, apricots and some raisins) and they baked it 20 minutes. Easy eh ? Very nutritious. You can bake it and keep it in office drawers as I bake them for Vishal so he have something to munch upon in office. Bake them for unusual munctimes. I am going to bake them more for me and Reva.  Speaking of Reva’s eating, she does not enjoy her meal at all but she loves ours. She is always full when we feed her with cereals or any health meal specially cook for her but she never refuses to eat what we are having. I think these flapjacks works for both of us.

When the weather on Sunday is cold then it is lazy Sunday for us. Vishal’s Monday blues hits on Sundays, he likes to get lazy and cozy in couch watching TV and tea with any number of serving. So I try to bake things on Sunday. Yesterday I made blueberry pancakes for brunch and they turned out super delicious. Then in evening these flapjacks. We were so hungry in morning that I forgot to take pictures of pancakes but next time for sure.

We bought new TV past week 🙂 It was were our dream one, specially for Vishal. He was craving for LCD TV, I don’t know – for ages.

TV and stand was ordered from Amazon, and as we all know it was all packed and setting up TV was a DIY project. The installation was all done by Vishal and I look after our little one who was all crazy to see big boxes, thermocols, polythenes, metal pieces and her favorite nuts and bolts.

TV ready to intall on stand

Our new TV

We are proud owner of 42″ LCD TV 🙂

At last about my knitting projects. I knitted Reva’s cap a few weeks ago. It was square hat with each pompom on corners, it was super cute hat and we lost it :(( Will make another one in coming weeks. Do you remember about the hooded jacket I was going to make for Reva, its done.

Hooded jacket

Baby wearing jacket

It was my first knitting sweater project ever and I think it came out well. A little boo-boo here and there but overall I am pleased with the outcome.

My second project was a shrug for me but it was frogged, pattern was not correct for plus size. I am working on another cardigan with same yarn but it is on hold. I don’t know whats going on, I am desperate to wear my own cardigan but just not happening.[sigh]

See you soon..Take Care.

~Three Things~

Three things I love these days :

Three Things

A hot cup of tea in morning, book Julie & Julia and my new knitting project.

Let me tell you about my hot cup of tea:

my hot cuppa tea

I love to have a good cup of tea in the morning.  I am not a tea addict and only drink tea in cold, rainy, cozy, wintry day. In London  it seems like every day is almost rainy, cold, cozy and chilly so I get a cup of tea every morning.  I like only ginger tea even if I am having tea in summer but the tea should have crushed ginger in it and should be HOT.  These days Vishal make tea for us in the morning and it is absolute bliss. He really makes a good tea, everything is so perfect – milk, water, tea, ginger and most important sugar. We both are very particular about sugar, we avoid excess sugar in tea and Vishal knows the correct amount.  So getting up in the morning and having a cup of hot tea kick up my day.

After I don’t know how long I am reading a book. There is a library near to our place, one day me and Reva strolled there. I was looking the culinary section and found the book “Julie & Julia” on the shelf. I was tempted to pick it up. So I did and issued it for a read.

Julie & Julia

Book is interesting.  Based on different and inspiring topic. I like it so far except I don’t know how to read the name of french recipes and use of slang during cooking. I am looking forward to see the movie because I love both Meryl and Amy and eager to see how they have portrayed both the characters.

And the last is my new knitting project. I told you about my yarns and 50 stitches casting in the earlier post . Now those 50 stitches are turning into Bolero (also called shrug).

Cloud Bolero

I had very hard time starting it, I ripped it like 5 times and made it again from scratch. But now its coming up nicely. Pattern is little confusing in the beginning but once you made few rows then it makes sense. Pattern is from Ravelry link (Ravelry is a community of Knitters and Crocheters who share their work and patterns, you need an account to see that link glad I found Ravelry). Will post it about it once its done. Till then I enjoy my three things. Take Care.