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April/May: Freesia

This time I am welcoming and said goodbye to months with home-grown freesia. I never thought that I would see my own flowers this soon. When I left for Paris I saw little buds but got confused with leave buds. When we returned my all plants wilted and two pots which were growing fullest are now dead 😦 The only good thing that I saw two flower buds and yesterday morning I saw two flowers blooming.

My small garden. I am so proud of it 🙂



Finally Spring come. So here I am welcoming spring with bunch of new flowers called “Blackcurrent Smoothie”, that’s what they were named in store 🙂

These flowers not only represent Spring but also our little happiness too. Vishal brought them on our 4th Anniversary of First date. yeah he remember all the dates. Ours is pure arranged marriage, we met only once before marriage and that day meant lot to us. We just met for 5-8 mins alone and everything got settled. After 2 months of engagement we finally met. I was working in Mumbai back then and went to Lucknow for my first and final wedding shopping for just three days. It was a hectic trip, all day of shopping with exponential level of anxiety going on the mind. So first two days were non-stop shopping keeping in mind that everything has to be perfect and third day was just relaxing, making out lists, giving instructions to Mom and Aunt who were taking care of my all things. Although I already informed him that I will be in the city for three days for shopping and we sent just couple of texts to each other during couple of days. I was hoping to meet him but I was not sure how he felt about it. On third day I got a text from my fiancé asking if I am available to go out (duh !!).  So everything got planned out and we decided to see each other. My Uncle dropped me to the restaurant and there he was waiting for me with a red rose in hand and sweating in march afternoon 🙂 It was such a normal date no fancy place or things but it was so important for me. We had our lunch already so we ordered just drinks, lassi for him and lemonade for me.  We only talked about little, unimportant things and already an hour passed away. Now it was almost time for me to go home and prepare for my flight. That one hour settled all my anxieties at certain level and assured me that I am marrying the right man. He dropped me at home and we said goodbyes. I even bought that red rose with me in Mumbai and saved it.  It was such sweet time we spent together and I don’t want forget it.

To our love:

Song: Shaam from Aisha


Tulips are here to welcome February. They bring sunshine today [way-hee !!].

I get so thrilled to see sunshine these days otherwise it’s so gloomy and greyish all the time. Freezing cold and chilling breeze is usually the weather and I am so done with winter I tell you. Give me some sunshine and only sunshine, no rain please.  Everyone in my home is just waiting for spring to come, Little one always gets cold and cough when she is out – and it is the most scariest thing specially the night, Vishal has to travel in this chilly weather and I am Vitamin D deficient. So you know how I really really want sunshine. So this week I bought rainbow collection of Tulips to break the winter sadness. And there they are blooming in the Sunshine giving me hope.

Capturing Happiness

In earlier post I told you that we had our own little family photo shoot. It started with a little sunshine came upon the morning of 2nd January. I bought a bunch of flowers previous day so thought of keeping them in sunshine for a while. As I kept them on the window they took my breath away. I always admire flowers in the windows and it was so picture perfect that I had to take their shots. Later Vishal also pitched in taking family photos, a little of peak me and my little one together.

I think  they are my January Calendar Photographs. So now on every first week of month I am going to post Calendar photos, a nice reason to capture happiness, isn’t it ?