Sibling Love

My childhood with my little sister, well I wouldn’t have quoted it as ‘Sibling Love’. Boy! we were real fighters, literally! We fought for every little things, used all the physical and verbal strength to let each other down, nothing we agreed upon and everything was meant to be disagreed. But keeping differences aside – I love my sister dearly and think this loves matured when I got Reva and Viraj. Watching them growing and playing together gives me immense pleasure and inner satisfaction, Though I feel bad that me and my sister could have spent our days less fighting and more loving, but hey we have each other at least! Someone to call upon and rant over randomly.

Reva and Viraj has been clicked recently (touchwood!) but still here and there I hear Reva mouning about ‘how I should eat more and get a baby in my tummy again and this time she should be having her baby sister’ as she didn’t ask for baby brother!’ – how on earth she got this idea I really don’t know…

They have started to play tag together, hide and seek and the best one is shouting and screaming in rhythms and oh watching tv together as if there are no kids in the house…

IMG_1564Frozen is favorite between two – nothing beats the title song.

IMG_1697Enjoying on the swing…

We decided that we will call Reva as ‘Didi’ so that Viraj will follow us and call her Didi, but we forgot that kids are Smart! So when Reva is getting ready for school or we have to chase her to be quick – we shout for her which is followed by Viraj shouting ‘VEVAAAA’. Now where is Didi – he cutely points to Reva and say ‘VEVVAA’. First thing in the morning, he wants tea biscuit because we are having tea and both kids love dunked biscuits in the tea, so it has to be two – one for him and one for ‘VEVAA’.

Love you my munchkins xx


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