The Lazy Me

If you would have asked me like couple of months (lets take couple of months = 12 months), what kind of person you are, I would proudly quote me as an active, energetic, never like to stop etc etc. But now I am just the opposite (in the making for sure). I don’t feel like to do anything, just wanted to lie in the cozy blanket with a book in hand or iPad to watch endless light movies or TV shows – the one I’m catching up with is ‘The Great British Bake Off’ and at the moment watching ‘The Hundred-Foot Journey’ (cheeky eh?)

So coming back to being lazy – I have so many things in my mind to start, to complete but all are just sitting there and brewing, waiting that when the lady will come out of her ‘comfort zone’ and act on them :-/

Where shall I start, my list looks like a perfect list that anybody wants to do – reading, crocheting, running, meditating, sewing and last one is updating the blog more frequently……but pagal lazy man just don’t let me 😦

[sigh] [sigh]


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