New year and New me!

Well here I am back on my blog after 2 years, is giving me mixed feeling – guilt is more than excitement. I have tried to resume blogging in 2014 and even started writing a post during second week of Jan, which goes like this –

Coming back on my blog after more than year  – Oh my gosh where the time flies? It’s a mixed feeling – guilty as well as excited. Life has always been super busy for me, a year came and gone and so much happened which I think would take another post to put in words. First thing first, we are blessed with a baby boy 🙂 can proudly say that we have a complete family now. Next big news is Reva started school – can’t believe my eyes when I was dropping her off to school on the first day. She was so excited and thrilled to be the part of the big school. Serioulsy, why kids grows so fast. Before writing this post, I was scrolling down my old posts and they were mostly about Reva’s growing up but now I have another pumpkin who is two and a half month old already [sniff][sniff]

After experiencing motherhood second time, I feel different (in a good way of course). I want to resume my me-time which was kinda lost in a day-to-day hush-hush. And my blog top the list. To be honest blog defines myself. Through writing I priorities things I love and family. So I have decided to write at least twice in a month, will write about following things which I love the most –
1. Family
2. Crochet/Knitting
3. Cooking
4. Music

As you can see the there is commonality in both the posts while I was writing them – feeling! and what to say about me-time…. thanks to my iPhone who has enough resources to keep me entertained while I lie down with my kids after 8 PM in the bed with my headphones on.

Speaking of feeling – This year I have decided to follow a routine to chose a word of the year (inspired by Claire Diaz-Ortiz) and which is HAPPY. Being happy is the most important thing in our life – I know it is cliché to say but over the time I have realised that happiness is like an engine oil to our system. It makes your life smooth, removes the whining and sighing noises, makes you more vibrant and full of positive energy which you need at the first instance when you are a working mum of two, living abroad with no options of quick helps and workarounds. so take a break and smile for a sec 🙂

Now moving on to my greatest news in the above draft post has turned 14 months and walking like a pro! Reva and Viraj are doing really great. Thanks a ton to the Almighty for giving me such a  beautiful family  – feeling really blessed and happy!

After mixed bag of 2013 and 2014, I am really looking forward for year 2015. Hoping to have lots of positive energy, happiness and love.


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