Three Things

Flowers are blooming in my house which I bought them last week – still quite fresh and colourful. Winter has done knocking and now slowly slowly entering in our lives and preparing to make it gloomy for next 6 months or so. As the winter crawl over I would start to bring more colourful flowers to coverup outside greys.

The other two things of mine are long-awaited to do things – Crochet and Reading. Yes I am back to my hook and a book.

About crochet – ย I was missing it badly and it has been over a year since I last touched it here.ย I was so tempted to order new colourful yarn inspired by Lucy, but then I decided to clear up my old pile and then jump to new yarns. I really miss my crochet and touch of yarns and the time where its me and two of them. True bliss to see how a pattern come out from a simple thread with the help of a simple hook – absolute bliss ๐Ÿ™‚ย This time I am making granny inspired dress for Reva – cant wait to see how it will turn out [ so excited] !!

Books: More than a year since I have read my last book (The Lost Symbol). I was so dying to go back to reading again. And it was just not the hobby but my desire to give some peace of mind through reading which motivated me to pick a book. A friend of mine in office gave me a girly book which was perfect start and there is another one I got yesterday from Amazon order, also recommended to me from one my dear friend. It is about positive thinking and I just completed chapter one – loved it. As the title describes that it is all about thinking positive but the thought that hit me most is about praying – yes prayer is ultimate solution to all the problems. Bigger the problem, the bigger prayer should be – so correct! In this fast and busy life I have absolutely stopped praying and started feeling that I am the most sorry person in the whole world but now I know. Really thankful to my friend for pointing me to right book.

Thank you God for giving back my three things ๐Ÿ™‚


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