Chance of a Beach

Went to Bournemouth for a day visit with my team mates week back. It was a Team outing and glad I joined. You see this isn’t about myself or team, this is about the perfect weather and place which made the trip totally worth spending 5 hours on the road that day. We have been in UK for almost 2 years and before that we were in San José and both the places are famous for their beaches – like California is related to Malibu beach and UK with Cornwall, Dorset, Bournemouth and other famous and beautiful south-east beaches. Unfortunately our stars never aligned with proper beach, weather and timing. It was one way or the other – in California the nearest beach to our city was Half Moon way Beach – very beautiful!

But we always had  a misfortune of ending up on the beach with freezing cold gusty wind. Hardly spent 30 mins and had to rush to near by coffee shop to get ourself warm. This wasn’t happened to us one time – it was every single time when we headed to the beach. We had gone back again to half-moon bay another time in proper summer but still had no luck, some friends told us that it was as expected and we should try some 17 mile drive beaches – went there, same gusty cold winds always which gave us headaches. When we went to LA on thanksgiving holidays and had plan to visit Malibu but fate didn’t agreed upon it and had to come back without visiting it.

Last year we went to Brighton –  weather was awesome, sunny no signs of any wind – checked BBC for hour and hour forecast. We were all geared up with proper beach essentials. I had bought castle making thing for Reva and planned my self a lazy lay-down on the beach. Dreaming of walking on the sandy beach with Reva, picking some sea shells with her – maybe have a dip in the water…..

Right, with all excitement we and our close friend family headed towards Brighton. Yep everything was according to plan – we reached there in almost two hours but had no idea about the distance from pier and parking bay so had to park like 1 km away from the beach. That didn’t bother us and we were all excited and happy was to walk. After walking for almost 30 mins – finally had a glimpse of beach started to emerge. People around were looking happy and all beachy. Finally we arrived at the pier and started to look for some place to mark our resting area for rest of the day. All I can see was less sand and more pebble. Thought that particular area is full of pebbles, walked little further from pier, again pebbles and then I worriedly said – why are so many pebbles in this beach – where is the sandy beach??. Then our friend said, oh! you didn’t know Brighton has pebble beach and then I was shattered.

So when we came to know that we are going to the Bournemouth for day out on BEACH, I didn’t hope much but thought of giving it a chance not to the beach but to myself. I had makeup my mind that I will enjoy only with my team mates and didn’t even dreamt of sands at all.

Bournemouth is more than 2 hours drive from my home. We left early for the day so that we would leave early and reach home by usual time. As it was weekday and school was resumed that week so city was very quite. Thought might be a usual city with a usual beach. When we reached at the pier – oh my god it was breath-taking. So beautiful!

Sandy beach with a chair 🙂

I had a most lovely day out on the beach – did whatever I dreamt of but with a catch of missing my family – I missed Reva and Vishal that day so much. When we were having lunch and I had most delicious fish and chips ever, I missed Vishal. I missed Reva when I was picking sea-shells on the beach. I miss my family when I had most amazing ride on big Balloon 😦

It was a splendid day at the beach, have to come back again with family and I am keeping my fingers-crossed this time 🙂


4 thoughts on “Chance of a Beach

  1. Pradnya

    Wow, seems like a lot of fun & totally loved the beach chair. And yes, I understand when you said that you had a lovely day but missed the family at the same time. I once went to a Spanish Restaurant with my MBA friends on a Saturday, the food was outstanding. I wanted Ritesh to try that so much that we both went there again on Friday- I visited it twice in a week 🙂 Hope your next trip to the beach with Reva & Vishal be as much fun as this one.

  2. aradhana

    hi Richa,
    कई दिनों से तुम्हारी याद आ रही थी. तुम फेसबुक पर नहीं हो क्या? how can i contact you ?


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