Running !!

Yes I have finally started running. It was long-awaited dream of mine. If you have scrolled my Wish List (which needs to be updated though!), running is on the number one and it took me good time to begin. I always love running whether it was just a competition in the school or off school with friends. Although I tend to win less medals in running but I always enjoy participating in the race. When we moved to abroad I often see people running on pedestrian walks, parks, treadmill and was always amazed by their stamina and admired their discipline. I gained weight and following the trend I joined gym, tried to run on treadmill but it wasn’t any fun anymore which I remembered.

In office I often see my friends colleagues taking break in lunch and go for running. They talk about their mileage and distance, about stamina, signing for this and that event for running. That was really my enlightening about running. Like there is not only Marathon running in the world, it begins with 5K (kilometers), 10K, half marathon and then comes marathon. In my department there are two London marathon runners, and I always looked to them with so respect. I always love the atmosphere of fitness love in my office – always reminded me to what I need to do and make me guilty of not doing anything. This summer my office mates created a running group which runs twice a week. I wished to join them but due to the fact that my commute is so long and have to leave office early so no time of taking break in lunch. But it was as excuse – isn’t?

We moved house a two month back and there is a recreational centre very near to our house with gym, swimming centre, library, tennis court, children park – everything we can wish for. Last month Vishal and me got gym membership and we promise ourselves to spend at least 3 days a week in gym and don’t let our body to get corroded in time – you know we are not getting any younger any day and if we havent started now we wont start ever (I know its hard to think but this is what I needed to boost myself). So we spend good amount on the membership and came back with a promise to start exercise.

Last week I took my first class with instructor and she asked me what is your goal. I was tempted to say to reduce my weight but instead I said I want run 5K. she said fine this is your 90 minutes programme to follow for next 6 weeks. It is all about running and preparing for 5K run.

This is my second week and I am running more than 2 km in 20 minutes. I make sure I get 3 times a week for myself and running and honestly speaking I am so satisfied by myself and really glad that I finally started running 🙂


6 thoughts on “Running !!

  1. kriti trivedi

    दौडी दौडी भागी भागी सी Runnig is great exercise Though lunch break runnning dosent sounds that exciting to me. But what you have started may you keep your self up with it .Get the rush in your blood and feel the thrill 😀 soon reva will start participating and gosh i can see tough in house competition for her 😛

  2. Pradnya

    Now that you have made the transition from a non-runner to a runner, the next step that is runner to a marathon runner would be easier…The first step is the most difficult one. Keep going!

  3. Richa Post author

    Thanks Kriti for writing and singing 🙂
    Well I was very annoyed byt he same fact that why on earth people do exercises in lunch or evening time – you see this one of the myth of our society. It is not necessary to do exercise only in the morning, all you need is an empty stomach. In the busy life there is very rare possibilty to get up early and take time off for exercise, bit of a flexibilty in the routine can also motivate you to follow your goals 🙂

    1. kriti trivedi

      well yaar mai bhi basic empty stomach funde ko absorb kar ke raat me exercise kar leti hu 😉 kabhi .Morning me jaldi uthe to kuch ho maharshi training bhi koi kaam nahi ati 😛
      i 100% agree pahle start karo to some thing is far better then nothing.


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