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Most colourful season of the Year!!

Yes its birthday season. August is celebration time at home these days. Well to be honest it starts from 1st day of July till last week of August. I love celebrations – When I was little I always look forward to letters wishing birthday, cards, cakes, yummy foods and above all gifts. Till now feeling is still the same but matured with rooms for adjustments and compromises. I don’t mind if the food is yummy or not (because its down on me mostly) or the gifts to be given on the same day. Things that I assured be on time is birthday card and cake.

I celebrated my 30th Birthday this year and it gave me a bit of a mixed feelings. Pleasure of turning in 30s band and sadness of something – I am sure it is not related to getting older but that I have so much to do and now feels like I have so little time to do all.


Apart from hubby and I having quite celebrations (he has the quieter celebrations of all this year as we were moving house that week), Reva celebrated her 3rd birthday. Yes my dear daughter is three now – I can’t believe my senses that she is growing so fast and Vishal is already dreading the thought that she will leave us in some couple of years and never look back :'(. We really celebrated her birthday this year. Decorate the house overnight so that we don’t missed the surprise look on her face first thing in the morning. 

Had Reva’s friends came over on the day and had a bash in her nursery. She loved it all – and I am really amazed to see how well she understand the importance of having celebrations, cake cutting, unwrapping presents and loved to be the centre of attractions. She was so shy during cake cutting –


We managed to have a magician came over to the nursery for the kids. She was a very cheery woman and she involved Reva very much. I initially thought that she would be shy but to my surprise she enjoyed every act. She was all dancing and bubbly with the little tricks – from holding on to a wibbly wobbly wand to touching the bunny, she enjoy the show fullest.


Oh my!!! my little girl has grown so much. Can’t believe we passed a year already when we celebrated her second birthday day last year.


She is so smart and understanding – made me proud very often. I am really glad to have her – sometimes when I am all tired in the end of the day or having a really bad day which often make me cry in the night when putting her to sleep. She would come and say “Mommy are you alright? You are not feeling very well? Dont cry mommy!!” Yeah girls are really gems and I am so glad to have her in my little treasure box. I love you my princess and may this year be the best year of all. God Bless you!


Hello Blog and Hello World!!

When driving to office, I decided to start blogging again. This is so unfair to my blog and myself that I have not written anything since last year – the last post was just a tribute to Mr. Jobs but nothing for myself and family or crochet or cook After numerous attempt of writing and saving them as drafts, promising myself to come back and finish it but that day would never come and this process goes on and on until few months which made me realised that I am not doing anything for myself and not even blogging. So here I am now writing and promising myself to publish this blog in next 10 mins. So if you are reading this post which means I did it 🙂

So Hello Blog and Hello World !!!