A Tribute

Being a usual weekday early morning I woke up and in auto-pilot mode, took my warm glass of water and switched on the BBC News channel on TV. News readers were discussing about Apple- they must discussing about new iphone 4S launch I thought but a second later realized it was a day ago. Then I heard about Steve Jobs’s death in distant.

A tear rolled from my eye and I don’t know why?? I am just a iphone, ipod fan who thinks he was one of the genius that existed in  the world and made the people go crazy after technology. He moved technology from geeky level to status-symbol. White was the new black after ipod came out with white earphones. The white earphone connected and fingers scrolling through rectangular gadget is enough to accessorize yourself. Keep aside any brands and trends, if you are plugged to white earphone you are in. One for all and all for one.

I actually touched my first ipod on my first day of marriage, when I was sitting all alone in the room. Doing nothing except greeting everyone. Vishal gave his ipod to me to kill the time and there it was in my hand. All black and sleek and then I realize how it felt to hold an ipod. Since then I always admired every innovation of Apple and later Steve Jobs.

Apart from Apple, he gave us Pixar. Finding Nemo, Toy Stories, The Incredibles, Cars, WALL-E and Up. If I had a choice on the movie, my first choice in always animated movies.

The man is not only know by his products but also his words. One dayVishal and me was following TED and there we watched one of the Steve’s commencement speech at Stanford University. I was so impressed by his life, the struggle he made, hardship he faced – his story about connecting dots.

Thanks Steve for everything. I will never forget to “Think Different”.


One thought on “A Tribute

  1. kriti trivedi

    Yep coincidentally I also started reading his life book 4-5 months back and this man holds lots of respect in my eyes , he was innovative and clear in what he wants even with the products he thought of. As a professional he always created healthy compete ion and challenged them. Iam dam sure bill gates and all others who looked upon him to compete will miss him more that we do.
    Loss to industry a huge loss


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