Last couple of weeks

I started this posted about two weeks ago and I got so absorbed in my routine that I couldn’t finish it. Today when I woke up I decided to complete it as soon as possible. So here is my life in past couple of weeks –

Once Reva started going to nursery and loving her time there, I decided to look for job. It had been more than 3 years since my last job.  Being without a job for such a long time really haunted me. Now only thing I want is to go out from the house. So the job hunt began. I was getting responses but due to my 3 years of unemployment gap most recruiter rejected me, or if they forwarded my résumé to the company then they rejected me. Everyday I spent at least 3 hours in searching and applying jobs and answering the recruiter calls. Some talked nicely and some laughed on my 3 year gap “Why on earth you took so long?”. It felt bad but I moved on. In March I got my first interview, I was happy yet nervous. Hurriedly I bought my first formal outfit in 3 years. Interview went good but they rejected me because I have a technical background while they wanted someone with business background. After 2 weeks I got another call for a travel company. Finally they accepted me as I am. I cleared the first interview and to my surprise they called me for HR round. It also went fine but a week later agent told me that company selected another candidate because he scored 6/6 sql written test and of course he had more recent experience than me. I don’t mind it either, in fact I learnt a lot giving an interview after 3 years. Meanwhile I applied in one of the company and they responded me. They asked me to complete one online test which I did and afterwards no news from them. A month later I got another call from talent recruiting company asking me to come for an interview. I went for the interview and it turned out to be the 1st line support  job.  The interviewer gave me an hour test which according to him I failed with flying colors. The most insulting part was that he rejected me then and there. I felt so humiliated.

Searching  job and going for an interview was not easy for me. Everything ran smoothly between 9:00-12:00 in the morning because that is when Reva played in the nursery but after that it was a little harder. It was hard to talk on phone and even harder to go for an interview. Vishal helped me a lot during first times but it was also tough for him to get a half day or full day off every time. So I have to make adjustments with the appointments. I tried to schedule them in the first half of the morning but when they fell on the second half  it was hard. Reva’s nursery helped us a lot. They kept Reva after hours. They were really wonderful.  All these things made me tired and the with the last interview I felt very disheartened. It happened 5 days before our Paris trip. I decided to quit for a while from the job hunt. On the very same day towards evening I got a call from that company for which I had given that written test.  The women on the phone said that managers wanted to meet me on Monday which was impossible for me. I was sure that it wasn’t going to happen but still I took a chance and told the recruiter that I am going for a vacation next week and will be glad if they could take the interview this week between 9-12 in the morning. She later called me with an interview scheduled. It gave me some hope but I decided that time not to set any hope and plus the location of the company was 2 hours away from our place, so another practice run I thought.

On friday I left home around 7:15 AM to catch 7:27AM train. I bought tickets online, all I needed was to collect them on the station and as obvious there was queue on the ticket machine because other two machine were not working. I missed my train infront of me. There were 2 changes in the journey, since I missed my first train so whole schedule had been changed. It turned out I was going to be late on my interview by an hour. I updated my situation to the recruiting woman and she convinced me that it is okay and I shouldn’t be worried about it as the interviewers had been informed about my situation. So I reached office an hour late all worried and anxious. To my surprised team was very understanding and helpful. Instead of an interview we had an hour chit-chat. It was a great experience and I decided not to think of the result but when returning home I thought it would be a shame if I didn’t get through the company because I spent so much time in travelling rather than giving interview.

As Forest Gump’s mother said “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get”. In Paris I got the news that I got the job and we were so thrilled. Date of joining was decided to be after a month so that my background check process got completed. Once we reached London, I provided everything  required with the verification document. In few days I got a mail asking me to give more documents to support my unemployment gap, so I provided everything I could include three years of bank statements for which I thought that they are more than sufficient to support my gap. In couple of days  I was informed that I failed the verification process because I don’t have enough documents to support my gap. It was such a shock, couldn’t understand what on earth I havent provided them or should I provided to convinced them that all I did was to quit my job to support my lovely husband to live a sunny life in California where I learnt some baking, driving, done CCNA training, attempted CCNA exams twice and failed by wee numbers, did some traveling, gave birth to a beautiful daughter, spend my whole time taking care of her. And now when my princess wants to be an independent girl at the age of 21 months so all I thought was to get a job back after a long break. In return I got stupid failure on background check from some security check company – what a life!!

Lady who recruited me and the only person of the contact supported me very much. She said we will make an appeal to the company to reconsider the situation and I did. I collected all the possible documents from those periods like – 3 years of bank statements from three different banks, all the email receipt of online transactions I did under my name, driving licence, Reva’s birth certificate and many more. I would never forgot those couple of days when I was so disheartened by the fate, sorting out around 60 bank statements, searching my old emails for any transaction receipt I received under my name. Vishal was such a support to me that I can’t even define in words. We finally prepared the letter with all the supporting documents and submitted them to the company. Now came the most horrifying part – the wait. We waited for more than three days. I was preparing myself to leave the hope and prepare to start the job hunt again.

In the evening I got the call from the recruiting woman  saying company considered me and they are happy to take me. Finally I got the job !!


7 thoughts on “Last couple of weeks

  1. orramoon

    Wow!!! that’s a really good news,Honestly! M very happy for you…I can understand all those dishearten stories but finally u made it! 🙂

  2. Kriti Trivedi

    Girl u made ur own way to sucess Crongrats 🙂 abb this is like inaugrating the movie now u r the star and iam sure with support of Vishal u will make it a hit one
    Good going . Hugs on sucess

  3. Richa Post author

    aww.. thanks so much for the kind words Kriti, yeah going back to work after 3 years is really something to me. Hopefully everything should be fine 🙂


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