Colors and Shoes

First of all I want to thank you Reva’s Aunt orramoon for helping to edit pictures for this post. Thanks again orra 🙂

We bought Colors and Sketch Book for Reva, her first ever. She loves to scribble with them in every page possible except her sketch book. A glimpse –

Colors and Sketchbook

using colors - by orra

Now putting them back - by orra

The other day she was scribbling on one of the library book, so we have to be careful and keep an eraser in the home.

Till then Happy Coloring 🙂

Oh almost forgot to post this picture, Reva now trying to put her feet in our shoes. She found my shoes which has a little heel. It was so much fun to watch her, balancing herself in that shoe –

Little Feet - by orra


4 thoughts on “Colors and Shoes

  1. orramoon

    Hey this is really amazing thing happen to me this morning….Well thank you so much for all that…but really u don’t need to do so…I just love to edit pics and after-all Reva is my sweetheart too….haven’t seen her since her birth.. at least in this way I can give my blessings to her na…. 🙂 nyways thanks a lot!!!!


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