I Cooked – P…

First of all apologies for writing so slow, these days I am really really busy. Why ? I will let you know about that story too.  So much to write,about Paris, about little one, about me , about us but I am not getting time enough to write. Today morning I decided to complete three posts. So here is the first post about the cooking I did the last weekend.  I cooked two dishes which I loved them, one of them is PIZZA 🙂

Yeah I made Pizza from scratch and I am proud of it. From dough to sauce and they turned out pretty nice.

Shape the dough, spread the sauce and put some vegetables

time for some Cheese 🙂

Yummy !!

Tadaaaaah !!

I was so excited that day, eating Pizza that I made myself.  And glad that it turned out tasty as well.

The next dish is PANCAKE. On Sunday we had pancakes for brunch and that too made from scratch. I had my first Pancakes in Denny’s (very famous diner chain in America), since then I loved them. Now in London I missed them badly, we got tons of frozens brands available but I like them fresh. I tried a couple of recipes before but they were not as good as they should be. But this Sunday they were perfect….

Pancakes with Strawberries

now lets drizzle some honey on it..


I know you must be thinking of recipe now, see I am going to share not only recipe but a person who helped my cooking to another level.  I have followed him for more than 2 years now and at this point of time I can cook anything closing my eyes – yeah !!. His name is Sanjay Thumma and his food channel on youtube is Vahchef/Vhah-reh-Vhah. I made many dishes with his recipes and believe me they turned out delicious. His early videos are super annoying, I don’t even liked him initially but Vishal kept watching him and he was the one who tried his recipes first.  He really made cooking very easy, I made those dishes I only dreamt of. So if you are looking for some good recipes you should definitely try Vahchef, I am trying them for past 2 years and they are pretty good.

Till then Bon Appetite !!


6 thoughts on “I Cooked – P…

  1. KKHM

    what you gonna do… you gonna sweat the onions…

    yes mr thumma is funny…

    delish post by the way… mouthwatering.. and nice pics too 🙂 keep writing

  2. orramoon

    Superb!!!!!!!!!!! look at that pizza u made…its mouth-watering..and pancake have never tasted but it looks yummy!!! good work indeed 😀


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