This morning I am trying to dress Reva and believe me it is the hardest part of the day, actually there more but lets stick to this one. So here I am trying to dress the little princess and she is running away from me to the other corner of the bed and giggling. She knows the fun now, she hate to wear any piece of cloths from the head. As soon as she gets the idea that something is going from her head she just ran away. But today all the frustration turns in to big laughs when I had my first conversation with my daughter. So here it is –

Me: Baby, please put on the t-shirt !!

Reva: NO !! (yeah she can speak No and Don’t and she also knows when and where to speak)

Me: kyu ?? (Why ?)

Reva: Three !! (yeah she knows the counting  – 2,3,4)

And I had the best laugh ever 🙂


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