Paris: Commute

I have never seen such a diverse public transportation in my life. In USA has public transportation just for namesake. Its is far cheaper to travel by your own car as compare to using public transportation [thanks to cheap prices of fuel in America]. London has also good mode of transport consisting of trains and buses. Although London’s bus network is one of the largest in the world but I think it doesn’t beat Paris in public transportation. Paris has one of the world’s most efficient public transportation systems, with metro trains, buses and tramways running with remarkable speed and reliability. One single metro map helped us traveling in Paris, to reach from one point to another with no problem –

Initially it was little (yeah a little) confusing to understand the colorful mesh once we understand how to read it we were travelling in Paris like a pro. We bought 5-day metro pass and save ourself with ticket hassle each day which also provided us unlimited travel in Paris (Metro, RER, bus, tramway, and regional SNCF trains).

Fortunately our hotel was on the perfect place to catch public transportation. In front of the hotel goes the Tramway and its second stop was the Metro station.

Nearest station from our Hotel



Station at Museum Louvre is quite different

Traveling around Paris in Tramway and Metro was quite fun and local performances in the station made it more interesting. There will be someone around the corner in the station playing some instrument as well as singing. It was great to listen them and their performances was very cheerful. Performer are well talented and after listening you are bound to give them something.

A Man playing some kind of xylophone

He is playing Flute

She is playing Violin

The Paris metro is easy to get the hang of if you come armed with the right information and towards the end we were so happy with ourself.


4 thoughts on “Paris: Commute

  1. Sanjana

    I was impressed with the London Tube network in itself, but thisss is more intricate! mannn!

    I’d love to go to Paris one day!

    *keeping fingers crossed*

  2. Richa Post author

    Thanks Sanjana,
    yeah I was too surprised when I first looked the tube map but then looking at Paris Metro map made me speechless.
    Amen for that !! 🙂


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