After lot of struggling I finally settled down on the title “Paris”. I was so confused for the title as I am so excited to write about it. My first Europe trip and that to the most romantic and beautiful city in the world. This trip was organized to celebrate our 4th Wedding Anniversary. Also it was more than two years since we were on any trip. We were so desperate to go on one, to get away from usual routine and weather. My dear husband selected Paris and I am so thankful to him for such a wonderful holidays.

We did our flight and hotel booking two month ago to save ourself with any last-minute hassles. Truly speaking I was worried that we would never make to the trip because it felt too good but we made it. It was our first trip with Reva and we were so worried about her but she enjoyed her fullest. Just a little tired and cranky by the last day.

I want to share each and everything in my blog so that I never forget.

See you later, Cheers!!


4 thoughts on “Paris

  1. orramoon

    Beautiful…seems like a dream come true….Paris is my dream city….just loved ur pics and waiting for ur next posting. 🙂

  2. Itsmenmyself


    Such a fresh city to be in……
    full of life and people on holidays………..

    my memories of paris came alive after seeing your pics……

    enjoy…… and keep holidaying………



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