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Paris: Stay

The most challenging part during  planning the trip was to book a Hotel. It was very hard to decide where to book and what range should we settled on because hotels are quite expensive in Paris as compared to flight tickets. We fought like hundred of  times about it and at one point of time we almost called off the trip but at last we agreed on this okay looking hotel with okay looking location and falling perfectly in our budget.

Paris is divided in 20 arrondissements (boroughs or districts), each district has lots to tell about its history and culture.

Finding hotel therefore quite challenging. If you look for cheaper hotels, they mostly are in the outer district (12 – 20).  If you still opt for our district then it would take more than an hour journey to reach any attraction because most of the attractions are situated in inner circle so it can be a little tricky. I don’t want to travel more than two hours everyday with baby because when you reach any place you already got tired in the journey and while visiting the place you have to keep in mind that you have to take another long journey way back to the hotel. As we were on vacation after long time so I don’t want any rush and too much tiredness in a day. Also no matter where we stay in Paris we had to walk a lot so we decided to search hotels in the heart of the city to save ourself from extra strain.

Like I said earlier, hotels in Paris are quite expensive, on average £90-£120 a day. We planned 6 days vacation so finding a hotel around £600 was giving us really hard time. We had to kept lot of factors in our mind in which the most important one was that it should be near to any local train station. So we browsed and browsed for the hotel and nothing came up very flattering. All those hotels we came acrossed looked dampy and shady and we want something fresh so that after long and tiring day we can relax with baby. Most of the hotels are so small that they had just only walking space in the room and an old small stinky double bed. After couple of days of browsing we found some apartment hotels. Aparthotels are apartment hotels are like apartments only they are booked like hotels. They have studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom apartments with well furnished kitchen. They were quite nice, giving us feel of home and looking great with kids. Having kitchen is just perfect with kid, this way we would have the independence of cooking little meals for kid and for ourselves too. Can have our special tea anytime we want and no dependency of having every meal in the restaurant for 6 days.

After lots of searches and fights we found this beautiful aparthotel which was looking good from the rest and was near to an underground train station, so we booked it. Our flights and hotels were done and then we waited.

The day came when we have to leave for Paris, trip from home to the boarding of flight was little exciting. We landed safely at Paris and then the journey begins. Now to reach our hotel we already decided to take local trains. We took the tickets and 5 days pass for two for the trains and headed towards train station. It took about 2 hours to reach our hotel from airport. We were so dead tired by the time we reach hotel, all we need was cup of tea to relax us. We took the keys of our room and full with excitement we opened the room. It was the nicest hotel ever  –

(We took pictures after an hour of settling down so you would see a little messy place)

The Hotel Adagio

From the entrance

the Room

cute little Kitchen with all the electric appliances including dishwasher and all the cutleries

Living Room

View from the balcony in the night

A little view of Eiffel Tower 🙂

We were so pleased that we booked this hotel. The most amazing thing that we got this hotel under £60o for 6 days. Kitchen got everything – pots and pans, enough cutleries for 4 people. We highly recommend this hotel to everyone, we got really great experience. Even it is great to share the room with other family. We loved it and so did Reva. She got a new place to explore – she got her size of refrigerator which she loved to open and close all the time, she took out cold things outside and put them back afterwards, she loved to roam in the balcony but I was scared to see the heights. So far we were happy to be in Paris.

We booked our hotels and flight from Expedia and hotel from Booking.



After lot of struggling I finally settled down on the title “Paris”. I was so confused for the title as I am so excited to write about it. My first Europe trip and that to the most romantic and beautiful city in the world. This trip was organized to celebrate our 4th Wedding Anniversary. Also it was more than two years since we were on any trip. We were so desperate to go on one, to get away from usual routine and weather. My dear husband selected Paris and I am so thankful to him for such a wonderful holidays.

We did our flight and hotel booking two month ago to save ourself with any last-minute hassles. Truly speaking I was worried that we would never make to the trip because it felt too good but we made it. It was our first trip with Reva and we were so worried about her but she enjoyed her fullest. Just a little tired and cranky by the last day.

I want to share each and everything in my blog so that I never forget.

See you later, Cheers!!

Hello Spring!

Finally Spring is here. This week we have lots of sunshine and warmth. I am so thrilled to feel the peck of summer.  It’s so beautiful to look around, flowers blooming on the plants, green buds coming out from haunted trees, sunshine till 8 PM, it so wonderful to have this season. Some snaps to welcome Spring –


I don't know the name of this tree but to me the flowers looks like Lotus, Lotus on trees 🙂


We now usually spend evening downstairs, Reva loves to run in the ground but cute little thing she does that she got afraid with little flowers grows in the grass. At one point she was surrounded by bunch of flowers in the ground she was trying to hop to avoid any contact and as soon she touched one she started crying, it was such an adorable moment.

And my favorite part is to see little buds coming out in the trees, everyday they got bigger and bigger. Can’t wait to see the tree turn all green again.


Hello Spring !