How I Met My Friend

Year 1998, I entered in 11th class and decided to go for Maths and Physics coaching. I usually reach coaching 5-10 mins earlier to save myself dozing off at home after having lunch. To my surprise I was not the only one who reach the class early, there were bunch of boys already present in the class before me. Boys were from same school (the famous boy’s school) so they always share there gags and laugh. Other than me there were 3 more girls from the famous girl’s school so you know the equation of boy’s school boys and girl’s school girls. So there I was sitting there and listening to their huge laughs on unheard jokes and later the passing equations between “girls” and “boys”. It was so annoying to hear them laugh with no idea what so ever what are they laughing at. I had one year of wicked laughs and unheard jokes for one year and in that period those boys got registered in my mind completely specially the one who was more than 6 foot and 4 inch tall.

Year January/February 2005, my college batch was attending Company Campus in another college. It was a fair of all college students attending their first campus ever. Our graduation was about to complete and everyone was so excited about the future. Old friends were meeting and sharing laughs and suddenly I heard laughs, big laughs, wicked laughs ?? Yes, there I saw that more than 6 foot and 4 inch tall boy with his friends sharing laughs. Hmm.. so he ended up doing engineering in the same city and why we are at same place again ?? Who cares !! Later we were selected in same company.

Year October 2005, time to report to Company’s hostel for more than 1 month training. The first day at hostel was very exciting. Two person per room was allocated and we were so excited about it. After saying tearful goodbyes to my parents I was all excited about my roomie. To our surprise all the people from Bhopal were reporting same day and same place. Mistakenly they had alloted rooms grouping people from same college and we all were shrieking with happiness all over the hostel. Then I heard laughs, big laughs, wicked laughs – yep! the more than 6 foot and 4 inch tall boy with his more than 6 foot tall friend having laughs with their college friends. Oh my God, Again!

Next day we were divided in the 3 batches and to my utter surprise me and more than 6 foot and 4 inch tall placed in same batch [whats going on !!]. The first exercise for us was to remember the name of everyone in the batch. For that first we have to introduce ourselves to everyone by saying our names followed by our favorite dish. This way we remembered most of our colleagues name. In the break when everyone was in queue waiting for cup of coffee we all shared a little moment and after 7 years we spoke to each other when he said ” Richa Singh – Dal Chawal” And the friendship begins. Those 40 days were some of the best days of my life in Trivandrum where I made the good friends and one of the best friend was the guy who was more than 6 foot and 4 inch tall, Piyush. I never thought in my dream that I will be sharing so much laughs, big laughs, wicked laughs with him. After 40 days everyone got their allocated city and sadly this time we didn’t end up together but we stayed in touch.

Year July 2008, After I got married we moved to California and in couple of months Piyush came to Chicago for his work. After few months he visited us in California with few of our friends. It was such a fun, meeting all my dear friends after 2-3 years.

Year March 2011, We moved to London and in couple of months Piyush got an assignment in London too. This time he was not alone, he came with his better half. For past couple of months we were planning to meet but something always came up in the way. At last this Sunday we met and it was such a fun. I was with Reva and Vishal, he was with his wife but we were still on same page with laughs, big laughs and wicked laughs.

Sharing smile with little one

Having laughs 🙂

Piyush and R thanks for the visit and making our day fill with fun and laughs. Cherished every moment with you guys and looking for more….


8 thoughts on “How I Met My Friend

  1. Itsmenmyself

    Hi Richu…

    Thr seems to be some eternal connection other wise odds of landing up at same place with same person are million to one.

    And ya i remember your trip when you were going for your training and we met up in kochi. that was special for me because for the first time someone from the family was visiting me and if i am not wrong it was in Oct.

    good old days, always make a nice memory and good to be in touch with people who are part of it…..

    kudos and cheers……

    1. Richa Post author

      Oh How can I forgot that Kochi trip and the first taste of Sharjah 🙂 It was such a nice trip….
      yeah Friendship is such a marvelous relation.

      Take Care, Cheers!


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