A Day Out

We had a wonderful day on Saturday. Warm Sunny day came out in surprise and we decided to go nearby park for the little one.

Little Missy is now started exploring things on her own. She now took small steps and can slide all by herself [to Daddy’s surprise]

She now love to do things on her own [still quite scary for us] –

Favorite of all is to run and run –

Why she is growing so fast ?? A Year back she was a little baby trying to roll over and playing in her little gym and today she is running all over the playground.  Bless you my Angel !

Now its time to go –


8 thoughts on “A Day Out

  1. KKHM

    Yeah, agree. Time is a funny thing.. Sometimes it seems to move ever so slowly and sometimes so fast.

    But slow or fast – once its gone ..its gone…forever…
    Its weird to think of it that way, isnt’it. It is for me.
    That lovely day you spent in the sun with the little one will NEVER come back..Only the memory remains..

    So hope you make lots and lots and lots of lovely memories.. 🙂


    1. Richa Post author

      Thanks Cha !! The main motive behind my blogging is the same, catch pictures and scribble about so that after 20-30 years I can go back in time and feel the happiness again.



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