Thank to God, Stars, Planet, …….everyone

Initially I felt embarrassed to write about it but I have to admit that it happened to me. My close encounter to something terrible while I was driving and am still horrified. I started driving after 11 months. Last sunday I took a test drive and all went ok and wasn’t at all scared behind the wheels. My confidence came back and decided to start driving which we needed it very much. Before I begin it’s better to give you a brief background – My first proper car driving started in California, although I learnt driving in India. America has right hand side driving but the direction never bothered me there. Their rules are very precise and easy to follow. Roads are broad and spacious. Drivers are very patient and polite. Now London on the other hand is squeezed version of California. Roads are narrow, in the residential area it’s always one way traffic, every car has to stop on the next available space near the curb so that the traffic from the front can flow, its a mess here. Rules are much and roads has so  much instruction written on it looks like some kind of art work going on. London’s drivers are rude, impatient and always in hurry.

Friday me and Reva went for a little ride, it was my 4th day of driving. From a week or so there was some construction going on the major junction where I always took turn for my home. They had made the road one-way for all the traffic, so when you take left turn, you enter from the right side but everything was promptly controlled by signals. So that day when I was returning home I was on the junction and waiting for the green signal. As the signal turned green I started rolling on but as soon as I reach the junction it suddenly turned orange and I got baffled because usually it stayed green for like 1 minute. “Orange is ok” I thought in my mind and I turned left from the right side and saw incoming car and I thought “Whats going on ?”. I stopped and started reversing the car and just saw in the rear mirror that one of the car was passing behind me and I used break on time. I managed to move the car just before the stopping line and waited for the signal to turn green. I was not panicked but just wondering whats so different today. As the signal turned green again I immediately turned left from right and heard a honk. Now I started panicking and begin to think what terrible had just happened. Then all of a sudden I remember where was the construction site !! It wasn’t there and that’s why signals were running normal and I took the WRONG turn !!! Thinking of Reva on back seat, my hands started shaking and tears running down my cheeks, we just survived from something worst.

I still feel chill in my backbones whenever I remember the incident., couldn’t sleep properly for 2 nights. Really and truly I thank everyone who is behind saving us from the disaster.


PS: March Calendar is running late because I couldn’t find right flowers for this month, maybe because of the incident I am not in the mood of flowers yet. Will try to post it next week.


8 thoughts on “Thank to God, Stars, Planet, …….everyone

  1. tulika

    Be careful dear and find new soothing flowers for yourself :)) Eagerly waiting for a flowery write up by you. Keep up the good work

  2. orramoon

    Oh! m proud that u handled the situation so well…..arre I can’t even think to drive in Delhi yaar, but m still confidant in ghaziabad ……but after reading this I think I can give it a try! so cheer up! 🙂


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