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How I Met My Friend

Year 1998, I entered in 11th class and decided to go for Maths and Physics coaching. I usually reach coaching 5-10 mins earlier to save myself dozing off at home after having lunch. To my surprise I was not the only one who reach the class early, there were bunch of boys already present in the class before me. Boys were from same school (the famous boy’s school) so they always share there gags and laugh. Other than me there were 3 more girls from the famous girl’s school so you know the equation of boy’s school boys and girl’s school girls. So there I was sitting there and listening to their huge laughs on unheard jokes and later the passing equations between “girls” and “boys”. It was so annoying to hear them laugh with no idea what so ever what are they laughing at. I had one year of wicked laughs and unheard jokes for one year and in that period those boys got registered in my mind completely specially the one who was more than 6 foot and 4 inch tall.

Year January/February 2005, my college batch was attending Company Campus in another college. It was a fair of all college students attending their first campus ever. Our graduation was about to complete and everyone was so excited about the future. Old friends were meeting and sharing laughs and suddenly I heard laughs, big laughs, wicked laughs ?? Yes, there I saw that more than 6 foot and 4 inch tall boy with his friends sharing laughs. Hmm.. so he ended up doing engineering in the same city and why we are at same place again ?? Who cares !! Later we were selected in same company.

Year October 2005, time to report to Company’s hostel for more than 1 month training. The first day at hostel was very exciting. Two person per room was allocated and we were so excited about it. After saying tearful goodbyes to my parents I was all excited about my roomie. To our surprise all the people from Bhopal were reporting same day and same place. Mistakenly they had alloted rooms grouping people from same college and we all were shrieking with happiness all over the hostel. Then I heard laughs, big laughs, wicked laughs – yep! the more than 6 foot and 4 inch tall boy with his more than 6 foot tall friend having laughs with their college friends. Oh my God, Again!

Next day we were divided in the 3 batches and to my utter surprise me and more than 6 foot and 4 inch tall placed in same batch [whats going on !!]. The first exercise for us was to remember the name of everyone in the batch. For that first we have to introduce ourselves to everyone by saying our names followed by our favorite dish. This way we remembered most of our colleagues name. In the break when everyone was in queue waiting for cup of coffee we all shared a little moment and after 7 years we spoke to each other when he said ” Richa Singh – Dal Chawal” And the friendship begins. Those 40 days were some of the best days of my life in Trivandrum where I made the good friends and one of the best friend was the guy who was more than 6 foot and 4 inch tall, Piyush. I never thought in my dream that I will be sharing so much laughs, big laughs, wicked laughs with him. After 40 days everyone got their allocated city and sadly this time we didn’t end up together but we stayed in touch.

Year July 2008, After I got married we moved to California and in couple of months Piyush came to Chicago for his work. After few months he visited us in California with few of our friends. It was such a fun, meeting all my dear friends after 2-3 years.

Year March 2011, We moved to London and in couple of months Piyush got an assignment in London too. This time he was not alone, he came with his better half. For past couple of months we were planning to meet but something always came up in the way. At last this Sunday we met and it was such a fun. I was with Reva and Vishal, he was with his wife but we were still on same page with laughs, big laughs and wicked laughs.

Sharing smile with little one

Having laughs 🙂

Piyush and R thanks for the visit and making our day fill with fun and laughs. Cherished every moment with you guys and looking for more….


Southall Revisited

Previous post was about Southall and this post shows some snapshots of the place.

Chappan Bhog –

Himalaya Theatre playing “Himmatwala” –

Temple –

Southall Town Centre –

Bazaar at Southall –

We had revisit in the name of Jalebi and we returned with bags ful of Jalebi, Khasta Kachori and Samosas 🙂

From the “Patiala House”

Southall is just few miles from our place. I was familiar with the name before and heard that it is famous for the biggest Punjabi (South Asian) Community living outside India. Since we moved here, Vishal always wanted to go there for having some Indian meal and also for Indian grocery which is not available in general super store. We never dared to go using public transportation as there is no easy commute to reach Southall. So we decided to go once we have car and last month we finally went there and found that it’s just 15-20 mins far. It was very cold that day so we just bought the bare minimum stuff and came back. We didn’t look much around.

Sunday was Holi and we haven’t had any sweets. I didn’t get a chance to made any and we were missing them badly.  So we know where to go – Southall. To our surprise we have sunshine (sunshine in London is always a surprise) which was just perfect. We planned to start the trip with temple and then Chappan Bhog (yeah The Chappan Bhog!).  We went to temple but it was so crowded that we took blessings from the gate. So its time to go Chappan Bhog. We had yummy Chole Bhature, Bhelpuri, Samosas and Jalebi. They tasted so Indian. Reva also enjoyed her first Jalebi, you know she had started making yummy sounds like mmmm, uuuuu – they are so cute and she did make them when she had jalebi 🙂

After pet-pooja we went headed towards grocery store and this time decided to go new one – The Quality Foods. I never seen such a big food store outside India. It was like mini Costco, I was really impressed. In fact I was all amused to see the place. If you remove London or UK from the Southall it is no different from New Market in Bhopal or Hazratganj in Lucknow or CP in New Delhi. There were Indians all around, music shops playing punjabi songs or Mhod. Rafi songs, Toys shops, textile shops hanging there sale itmes on curbs, Jewelery shops, Saree emporiums, fruit shops, temples, Gurudwaras everything was so Indian. Even there was Cinema who was playing Jeetendra’s Himalaya-Putra (!!!!). As we were roaming I was feeling little uncomfortable and I don’t know why. Dozen of questions came into my mind during my walk around – why are so many Indians are here, what made them to come here, did they came appropriately – etc etc.  So after spending more than an hour we decided to leave.

Later in the evening we decided to watch “The Patiala House” movie. Oh my God, movie starts from Southall Community Playground, its like revising our visits. Movie was pathetic as expected, they spent pounds (that’s right pounds) on inviting Cricket celebrity but forgot to revise the script. And the most irritating part was there was the cricket match, looks like match was only between Akshay and Symonds. I don’t have words to elaborate its “patheticness”. The only thing I find it realistic that they shown the right weather in the movie – all grey and dark, so true for London weather (heh heh).

After visiting Southall I came to know lots of interesting facts about it like over 55% of Southall’s population of 70,000 is Indian/Pakistani, with less than 10% being White British. Southall was the main location for the internationally acclaimed film Bend It Like Beckham.  Southall is also the location of the Glassy Junction public house, which serves several Indian draught beers and was the first pub in the UK to accept payment in Indian rupees. Southall has many well known restaurants such as Chaudhry’s TKC, Gifto’s, Madhu’s and Mirch Masala. TKC are known for the Chaudhry’s Tiara which is a one of its kind unique Pakistani bus which has appeared in many adverts such as walkers and in the bollywood film Jhoom Barabar Jhoom. But I don’t felt proud or anything – still confused about my feeling.

over 55% of Southall’s population of 70,000 is Indian/Pakistani, with less than 10% being White British.

A Day Out

We had a wonderful day on Saturday. Warm Sunny day came out in surprise and we decided to go nearby park for the little one.

Little Missy is now started exploring things on her own. She now took small steps and can slide all by herself [to Daddy’s surprise]

She now love to do things on her own [still quite scary for us] –

Favorite of all is to run and run –

Why she is growing so fast ?? A Year back she was a little baby trying to roll over and playing in her little gym and today she is running all over the playground.  Bless you my Angel !

Now its time to go –


Finally Spring come. So here I am welcoming spring with bunch of new flowers called “Blackcurrent Smoothie”, that’s what they were named in store 🙂

These flowers not only represent Spring but also our little happiness too. Vishal brought them on our 4th Anniversary of First date. yeah he remember all the dates. Ours is pure arranged marriage, we met only once before marriage and that day meant lot to us. We just met for 5-8 mins alone and everything got settled. After 2 months of engagement we finally met. I was working in Mumbai back then and went to Lucknow for my first and final wedding shopping for just three days. It was a hectic trip, all day of shopping with exponential level of anxiety going on the mind. So first two days were non-stop shopping keeping in mind that everything has to be perfect and third day was just relaxing, making out lists, giving instructions to Mom and Aunt who were taking care of my all things. Although I already informed him that I will be in the city for three days for shopping and we sent just couple of texts to each other during couple of days. I was hoping to meet him but I was not sure how he felt about it. On third day I got a text from my fiancé asking if I am available to go out (duh !!).  So everything got planned out and we decided to see each other. My Uncle dropped me to the restaurant and there he was waiting for me with a red rose in hand and sweating in march afternoon 🙂 It was such a normal date no fancy place or things but it was so important for me. We had our lunch already so we ordered just drinks, lassi for him and lemonade for me.  We only talked about little, unimportant things and already an hour passed away. Now it was almost time for me to go home and prepare for my flight. That one hour settled all my anxieties at certain level and assured me that I am marrying the right man. He dropped me at home and we said goodbyes. I even bought that red rose with me in Mumbai and saved it.  It was such sweet time we spent together and I don’t want forget it.

To our love:

Song: Shaam from Aisha

Thank to God, Stars, Planet, …….everyone

Initially I felt embarrassed to write about it but I have to admit that it happened to me. My close encounter to something terrible while I was driving and am still horrified. I started driving after 11 months. Last sunday I took a test drive and all went ok and wasn’t at all scared behind the wheels. My confidence came back and decided to start driving which we needed it very much. Before I begin it’s better to give you a brief background – My first proper car driving started in California, although I learnt driving in India. America has right hand side driving but the direction never bothered me there. Their rules are very precise and easy to follow. Roads are broad and spacious. Drivers are very patient and polite. Now London on the other hand is squeezed version of California. Roads are narrow, in the residential area it’s always one way traffic, every car has to stop on the next available space near the curb so that the traffic from the front can flow, its a mess here. Rules are much and roads has so  much instruction written on it looks like some kind of art work going on. London’s drivers are rude, impatient and always in hurry.

Friday me and Reva went for a little ride, it was my 4th day of driving. From a week or so there was some construction going on the major junction where I always took turn for my home. They had made the road one-way for all the traffic, so when you take left turn, you enter from the right side but everything was promptly controlled by signals. So that day when I was returning home I was on the junction and waiting for the green signal. As the signal turned green I started rolling on but as soon as I reach the junction it suddenly turned orange and I got baffled because usually it stayed green for like 1 minute. “Orange is ok” I thought in my mind and I turned left from the right side and saw incoming car and I thought “Whats going on ?”. I stopped and started reversing the car and just saw in the rear mirror that one of the car was passing behind me and I used break on time. I managed to move the car just before the stopping line and waited for the signal to turn green. I was not panicked but just wondering whats so different today. As the signal turned green again I immediately turned left from right and heard a honk. Now I started panicking and begin to think what terrible had just happened. Then all of a sudden I remember where was the construction site !! It wasn’t there and that’s why signals were running normal and I took the WRONG turn !!! Thinking of Reva on back seat, my hands started shaking and tears running down my cheeks, we just survived from something worst.

I still feel chill in my backbones whenever I remember the incident., couldn’t sleep properly for 2 nights. Really and truly I thank everyone who is behind saving us from the disaster.


PS: March Calendar is running late because I couldn’t find right flowers for this month, maybe because of the incident I am not in the mood of flowers yet. Will try to post it next week.

Last day of Feburary

February passed in a jiffy. I was snail on writing posts this month. So much to write about and little time to sit, think and write. I clicked snaps on time but just couldn’t get time to post them. So today I just write summary of everything and begin from the first week.

February starts with my Mom & Dad 30th Wedding  Anniversary. I keep their first wedding photo with me all the time since I left home.

They look so stunning in this photo. Whenever I see the photo it gives me such an immense pleasure. When I was planning for my wedding I asked Mum to make same jewellery as she is wearing in the photo, although it didn’t happened but I managed to have nose ring like her but unfortunately my nose is not pierced :D. I am not writing much about them because I can’t find words, my only wish from God is to give all the health and happiness and let all the negativity around them put to an end as soon as possible.

Later in the week I did some gardening, (finally) we have pots and plants.

We have Marigold, Freesia, Amenome, Daisy, Parsley, Basil, Chives, Mint and Coriander. As you can see some has wake up from their soil bed and some still are sleeping. Today I moved couple of pots outside and waiting others to grow. It was fun and everyday starts with an anticipation to take a peek of them as soon as I wake up. Cant wait to see them grow and bloom.

My baking went to disaster again. I made fruit cake and its top layer started burning in 5 mins and I had to take it out before it got cooked thoroughly. I guessed my oven’s temperature knob was not working properly. What a disaster! I am not baking anything sooner.

My cheeky monkey turned 18 months. Oh boy!! she is getting naughty exponentially. Now she can do actions on some of her rhymes, she read (gibberishly) to her self, she can shout, she can hold your finger and lead to the room which is locked and can tell you to open for her.. and so on. Bless you my princess 🙂

at London Bridge

I am watching Aliens quadraliogy, and man its awesome so far. I watched first 2 movies and they are pretty good as compared to the year they were made. Watched couple of movies when kiddo take her nap 🙂

All is well here and hope you are doing well too.

PS: I wrote the post yesterday but I am posting it today, so please don’t mind 🙂