Everything is Grey

Its cold, cloudy and breezy. For past couple of weeks was quite hectic and the weather is just annoying. I don’t like cold, it makes me lazy, cranky and lazy. Yeah I am super lazy when its cold and when there is no sun in whole week than I am super cranky.  I hate it…

For past couple of months we are searching for new place after the water disaster happened in our apartment.  Although landlord fixed it in couple of weeks and he also broke the lease agreement but we want a new place. We love this apartment but the only thing which is bothering is that it has only 1 bathroom. We are planning to invite our families and it would be very difficult to manage then. So we just want a flat/house with 2-3 bedroom and 2 bathroom, is it too much to ask ?? Yeah in London it is. They would have 4 bedrooms but only 1 bathroom !! We found some flats with 2 bathroom but their square footage is like living in a matchbox.  We visited some properties and we found very disappointing. Too expensive and too small.  And if they are some we liked, they didn’t come with furnishing. Bummer!!

Everything is grey here, hope you have sunny day.


2 thoughts on “Everything is Grey

  1. KKHM

    yeah only one bathroom per house in england because gora-jee nahatey nahi hai…

    sirf perfume laga kar ghumtey rehtey hain


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