Tulips are here to welcome February. They bring sunshine today [way-hee !!].

I get so thrilled to see sunshine these days otherwise it’s so gloomy and greyish all the time. Freezing cold and chilling breeze is usually the weather and I am so done with winter I tell you. Give me some sunshine and only sunshine, no rain please.  Everyone in my home is just waiting for spring to come, Little one always gets cold and cough when she is out – and it is the most scariest thing specially the night, Vishal has to travel in this chilly weather and I am Vitamin D deficient. So you know how I really really want sunshine. So this week I bought rainbow collection of Tulips to break the winter sadness. And there they are blooming in the Sunshine giving me hope.


2 thoughts on “February::Tulips

  1. KKHM

    Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy 🙂

    Yes, I guess the move from Sunny california to gloomy london is going to take some time to adjust to.

  2. Shuchi Singh

    Woww! lovely flowers, if I would be there I could imagine myself taking shots from every possible angle…….


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