17 Months

Happy 17 Months Reva.

Man! she is getting naughtier day by day. I don’t know where she get all this energy ? Oh about her eating, we did some changes. Now she have her meal only upon her chair, no roaming here and there when it is meal time. I started her giving hals bowl of food instead of full bowl. I stopped expecting her to finish and respect if she nods for no-more, three nods and I stop. I aim on healthy food rather than variety of food. So as long as she is having fruits, vegetables and milk in her diet it’s all good and above all as long as she is active everything is good.

I grab the camera this morning and I try to capture some of her activities of the day, before I begin I wanted to add that her waking time has now increased from 3 hours to 5-6 hours this week, so there is so much to do for her in the day and seems like it never stops. I start from books, she love her books so much. Mostly she will be picking books from her box and bring to us for read or she will be sitting on the floor or her corner reading them and turning pages –

Her favorite is “the very hungry caterpillar”

She just can’t get enough of it. She will find this book from the bottom of the box and make you read hundred times and in the end if you are tired she would read for you πŸ™‚ I am glad that she loves books. Now lets talk about her innovations –

This is Daddy’s slipper in living room with bread-sticks on it. She love and adore shoes and socks [she says shaa-yiks]. I gave her bread sticks to munch which she obviously didn’t liked and found the way of hiding the leftover this way.Β  Great !! no more bread sticks from now on. Speaking of shaa-yiks aka socks, she knows they are worn on feet and after numerous try of wearing them on her own, yesterday she found mine and was trying this –

Sometimes she just floored me with her cleverness [touchwood!!].Β  My living room this morning –

One basket is of toys and other one is of books and princess is on phone with queen chatting about the weather. As soon as I kept the camera on the table I found this happening –

This week she has mastered the art of floating under the bed. She even brought things which were supposed to be lost like – my hair-band, water bottle, her socks and lots of balls of dust.

The ball is always under the bed and if it is not she will kick it in there so that she will get chance to dive under the bed. And when she came out from the bed there are always something in her mouth – can you guess what ? Can you see some bits on the floor – that’s it. Still somethings are under there, one gloves, book and more. Also, she started to scribble. One day I was making grocery list and she hopped on my lap, grab the pen and started writing.

There are so many things to write and show but then I would never stop. Her tales are never-ending. Some times I get so frustrated of her not being easy on diaper change or getting dress or sleep but in few minutes I am back to normal because she knows how to make me smile. She will put her face on my lips for kiss or hug me and put her face on my shoulder. She is such a darling. These days when we give something to eat like biscuits so after taking few bite she will feed it to us. Bite after bite and watch until we swallow. Everything is ‘mummy’, ‘mumma’, ‘mimmi’ , daddy is mummy, distress call is mummy, she wants some thing it is mummy. We are on hunt of day nurseries for her so that she can have proper day and spend her energies in a constructive way. I am so confused, at one time I want it but second moment I am having cold feet. Just can’t decide and plus we haven’t found anything good yet. So Hope for the best.

God Bless my baby!

Love from Mommy and Daddy.



6 thoughts on “17 Months

  1. tulika

    You are doing an amazing job by writing these blogs and capturing very details of Reva. I see a great potential writer in you…keep up the great job !


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