A Princess who know how to Nod

I am in stress. Reva’s eating habits are stressing me out. Not much eating, she prefer bottles over cup and in the end she fill her stomach by drinking milk. Her current weight is also stressing me out. Doctor says to take things under my control but I don’t how ? I can’t judge where to make tough decisions. After multiple of refusals I stop giving her food and leave her alone. In five minutes she will turn all gloomy and show signs of sleepiness. And when you take her to the bed she starts playing and when you bring her back in the living room, she will play for 2 minutes and then again became clingy and sleepy. Then I offer her some to eat and she would clearly say ‘No’ and then I took her again to bed and same process After 20-30 minutes of repetitive cycles, I finally give her milk bottle assuming she want her nap but may be her stomach is not full so she is unable to fell asleep. And once the bottle is finished, she is fresh and ready to play for 1-2 hours. Aarrgghhh!!!

She has full control now. She ate little like she was 9 months old baby.  I try to give her all sort of variety of foods but she just nod her head like princess and walked away [Grrrrr!!].



2 thoughts on “A Princess who know how to Nod

  1. KKHM

    I know this will not change anything…but I googled up on the internet and found that its like a common practice amongst all (well… most) toddlers to not eat their food properly and just be too happy playing around.

    One usefull tip was – dont worry untill your kid is happy and playful. Its when they are being lethargic that we need to start worrying.


  2. Richa Post author

    yeah thats normal practice for kids to skip their meal and even normal practice for parents to worried when they know it is normal 🙂


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