For past couple of days we are very busy. Busy as bee. There are hospital visits, Friends visits, helping friends to search for apartments, cooking dinner for 4 and taking care of little one, little one who has stopped eating and sleeping, little one who just loved to do her swirls and twirls all the time and when there are guests in the house she can’t stop for a second.  Everyone is on toes for past 3-4 days.

Did this happened to you – you mourn for something which you never get to everyone you know and poof !! it’s everywhere, and it came so much that in the end you would say to yourself, I didn’t ask that much !! Yeah something happened to me past couple of days so I am now in excess mourning state.

Mourning aside, I baked Almond cookies this weekend.

I fell in love with cute little silicon muffin cases I bought few months back. They are such delights – reusable, require almost no cleaning and I like the shapes of cookies when they came out, all even. Classic process is to leave the spoonful dough of cookies on the greased pan or use parchment paper instead of greasing the pan but my dough some times has so running consistency that it doesn’t work for me. These muffin cases are perfect for me and they are so colorful, Reva loves to play with them as well –

Also I baked Banana-Walnut-Chocolate Cookies few weeks back.

We had grilled Salmon this weekend, it was so easy to made and so yummy –

Yeah I am stepping towards to become Non-Vegetarian. I started to have eggs, chicken and fish. People tend to leave non-veg but I on the other hand start eating it, I don’t mind because I am eating for taste. I still love dal-chawal with Vishal’s cooked Aloo bhujiya indefinitely. So why Non-veg ?? There is a story behind it. I might be 5-6 years old when my family used to eat non-veg. I mean proper types, we used to have big meals for friends and families on Sundays cooked by Papa with helping Mom and Aunties. Papa loved eating fish, chicken and lamb and so we little ones. Few months back when I told Mom that Reva is having boiled eggs in her breakfast then she told me I used to love sunny side up eggs [ !!! I don’t remember anything like that]. So you know that my family loves Non-Vegetarian food 20 years ago but then one day a unfortuante [maybe fortunate] thing happened and Papa decided to quit. My father is very religious man, seriously. I could write hundred of posts to prove it that he is the most religious man I ever seen. In 1989, my father was posted in Gwalior. His office was in the little outskirts of the city and the building was quite big and old. One day a group of Jain Saints came to the office campus looking for shade and water [classic story!]. You know about Jain saints – they eat before sunset, they stop before sunset, they only walk and never use any kind of transportations, they keep their mouth covered. It was about sunset and the group need some place to spend the night. They send one of their man to Papa’s office to see if there any possiblity for them to have some place for the night. A man came to the office and was asking help, Papa heard his conversation with some men in the office. He immediately alowed them stay in one of the building’s room. He arranged electricity and water for them. Ask one of his helper to stay back if they would need anything in the night. The man went back to his group with the happy news. Papa was about to leave for the day when that Man again came up and said “Sahab apko Baba bula rahe hain”. Papa was like “kaun baba”. He said “Hamare baba, aapse milna chahte hain”. Papa said ok, lets meet him. He went to the room relunctantly and the man asked him to go straight where a man aka Baba was sitting a little higher on the ground. Papa walked towards Baba and sat. Baba asked Papa’s name and about his village. Then he said, “do you want peace and happiness in life” [tell me one name who don’t want it!!], Papa said yes. Baba said, ” Then you have to quit one of your favorite thing immediately and forever”. And the only thing Papa remember was “Non-Vegetarian food” [d’oh!]. Then and there he quit eating Non-vegetarian food for peace and happiness [which I don’t understand how quitting your favorite thing leads to happiness and peace and why saint always asked to leave what we love the most – is this the true way of happiness and peace or they want to make our life as miserable as they have their own ?? – another whole lotta story].

Though I never had any non-vegetarian food for 20 years but I still got that taste bud and living with a foodie I got the reason to reactivate those taste buds. So far I am loving it :). I am aware of what I am having in my food and I made myself promise to keep my indulgence in a limit. For sometime I loved to eat out but now I started cooking. Fish particularly Salmon is a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids, so we decided to have it on once a week. I cooked in a simple way so that Reva also can have some bites.

Here I am cooking, baking and rambling on about life.


2 thoughts on “Ramblings

  1. KKHM

    your blog is so tempting… you have gotta stop psoting these photos of yummy delish cokkies and muffins and fish and qhat not… its making me hungry everytime I look at it.. 😀



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