Sky this morning –

I don’t know what it is called but I find it similar to beach sand. Looks like an ocean wave just swept away and gave the clouds such a beautiful form.

I just loved to see clouds scattered like this in the sky

Puffs of cloud high in the sky

Beautiful things floating by – oh! it’s a Jet Plane, where is it going ? Is it going up or across ?? When I was little I thought they are rockets going to moon and frankly today also when I saw them my first thought was rockets. Also I don’t know where the plane going – up or across, do you know ?

Coldplay’s The Scientist was playing on the iPod when I was clicking these pictures and it was going perfect with the situation so here the song for you as well.


PS: Puffs of Clouds high in the sky, Beautiful things floating by – these lines are from Reva’s favorite show – Show Me Show Me 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sky

  1. KKHM

    Neeli aasmnaai chatree.. the blue umbrella .. 🙂

    Nice pics and quite vivid imagination as well..

    life is so busy now…I feel i never get a chance to pause and look at these beautiful things god created and enjoy them like I used to when I was a kid…

    May be your post will make me stop and take notice of these joys of life 🙂


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