12th January – An Ode to my School days

Yesterday night Vishal asked me about the date, usually I am bad with dates and days but yesterday I was not.  Just a second of think-a-pow [used from Reva’s favorite program Waybuloo!!], I said 12th January.  Then he said anything special for the day, I said it was special when we were in school. This day was used to be our Annual Function day in the school.

In school days, I used to bite my tongue when someone ask me about my school’s name but now I can proudly say I spent my glorious 4 1/2 years studying in Maharishi Vidya Mandir. It was a normal school with extraordinary affairs like – Transcendental Meditation two times in a day for 20 minutes, unusual uniform (combination of mustard and white), “Jai-Gurudev”- instead of Good Morning and Good Afternoon to teachers, unusual dressings of male teachers (kurta pajama or dhoti kurta), hindi and english medium students sitting in same room and many more.  I studied their for 4 1/2 years but in mid of 12th std I changed the school [sigh sigh].  Those 4 1/2 years were my golden teenage days where I made gems of friends, met some great teachers, got the taste of sports, study sincerely [which happened rarely] and become the most active and happy girl.

First few months were quite difficult for me because my last class was not completed with flying colors. We were living in nearby district of Bhopal and 3 month before the final exam of 7th standard my grandfather passed away. My father is the elder son and he had to take care of all the processes and it was not possible for us to stay alone in the town and continue schooling so we stayed in Bhopal for 2 months and came to our town just 3 weeks before final exams. I don’t know how I passed those exams. Now we have to move to Bhopal for my grandmother which was not a big deal. We were settled in Bhopal for decades so it was not a problem for us to move their infact we loved that, the only thing I was scared of was getting admission in a proper school with my 2nd division marks.  We never ever considered the top schools because it was waste of time even trying, so my father was doing some researches and he found Maharishi Vidya Mandir, I think it was his dream school for us. He was happier than us, he was so floored to read brocheures talking about Meditations, traditional values, uniforms, about Maharishiji – I mean he was like he could do anything for it. When me and my sister saw the brochure we too kinda like it [you know how little ones are attracted to things to see their parent’s attraction]. So it was done from our side that we are going in to the school but it was upto the school to take us. Unfortunately I failed the clearance test and it was obvious because I don’t remember the difference of cell and tissues, I forgot the World Wars dates, I forgot the formula of area of parallelogram [please don’t laugh !]. My sister passed the entrance but I didn’t, my father went to visit the Principal’s office and explained my situation and he agreed on the basis of an undertaken application. If I scored more than 75% marks in first term than I can continue in the school else not [heh heh, I completed 4 1/2 years dude!]. So that was the little background of my admission.

Back to first few months, yes those days were quite difficult for me.  An hour-long assembly, greet teachers by “Jai-Gurudev”, two-time 20 mins Meditation  – with no idea for few months how to sit closing eyes, sharing class with hindi medium students, adjusting with some super strict teachers, new faces all around. It was tough for me. But in couple of months I was fine. Made new and good friends, play some unusual sports like – Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Volleyball – I usually played piddu, badminton, loha-lakkad in school. I was having fun. We used to play in ground or in auditorium when it rains, where ever we can see enough space. By November I was quite warmed up and then came the word Annual Function preparation. I was quite surprised to know that school has fixed day of Annual Function that is 12th January because it is Maharishiji’s Birthday. Teacher’s were preparing for songs, dance, plays list and selecting students. I too in enthu gave some mini auditions for dance and songs and bingo I was in 2 and half dance, half dance means a little performance in a play. One was classical Sarasvati Vandana [I never did classical dance before] and other was Giddha [ I still remember one line of the song – kabhi hu karke kabhi han karke – heh heh!! so funny]. Function had many other programs, some of them were – Bamboo Dance, there was very funny skit and my little sister’s class performance [sorry sis I forgot but I do remember the next year performance of yours]. I was so damn excited about the function. The day came and my parents also arrived. Function went very smoothly, every action upto the mark. we were praised a lot. On way back to home I was so happy to see my parent’s face, they were so glad to see the arrangements and programs.  And in a jiffy my first year was completed with flying colors 🙂

In 9th standard I made my best of best friends and I am blessed with their friendship till date [thanks all for your love and ears :)]. I participated in the inter-school Kho-Kho competition and those were my best days, Now I ever think of sports I always think of my Kho-Kho days. In the end me and some of my team members were selected for District level competition. Later came Annual Function, this year I didn’t participate much in the programs except a funny fashion show [dont surprised to see fashion here, it was damn funny].  9th std also passed happily. Then came the most awaited year of the student’s life – 10th std. For few days it was like our teachers were more scared than us, everyone were singing song “be serious, it is 10th board”. I guess after listening this song over and over we became so carefree that 10th std became my unforgettable class. Me and my girl-friends [i don’t know boy-friends because they looked so damn serious all the time] had so much fun and did so much mischiefs that when we meet and talked about it we just ended on laughing laughing and laughing [O man ! it was fun]. 10 th std students were not allowed to take part in any curricular activities [what a fish !] but we still managed our own. I participate in Inter-school Kho-Kho competition that year too [:)]. 10th standard was also gone with flying colors. Now came the year of turning point of our lives, some of our friends switched to new schools [but it doesnt change much in our friendship, thanks to phone and Bhopal for being small city], some opted for different subjects, things were changing slowly as we were getting presure of competition exam and it’s coaching. Year was moving quite but later we heard the news of  Maharishi Schools’ Inter State cultural competition going to held in the 12th January week. Thats all we needed those days. I think that was my last cultural fest in the school times. Man! we had fun, we participated in song, dance and many other competition. What a splendid time it was, we win some of the competitions and enjoyed each and everyone.  11th standard passed on a happy note but last year was stressful. After first term I decided to switch school because it was going very hectic for me with all the early morning and late evening coaching with long hours school. It was heat breaking but I had to.

Those were the best days of my life. 12th of January gave me the reason to celebrate with my friends and teachers and now every year when the day comes I always remembered all the chaos in the auditorium, teachers yelling on us to get ready, we in the costumes getting desperate for our performances and eagerly waiting for the lunch which was provided by the school. Next day was declared holiday so it was fun too. I will never ever forgot my school days in Maharishi Vidya Mandir, Ratanpur, Bhopal.



7 thoughts on “12th January – An Ode to my School days

  1. KKHM

    that was a lovely post and some photgraphs in mustard and white dress would have helped paint the picture even more beautifully…heh heh…!!

    also can provide some description of what is piddu and loha lakkad. sounds like fun game I can try with my little one.

    Jai gurudev 🙂

    1. Richa Post author

      Thanks KKHM 🙂
      Piddu: or pitthu, played ith stacked stones.
      Loha-Lakkad – one should reach a decided destination only touching Iron(loha) and wood(lakad).

      About the Mustard and White combination uniform – i dont think I can post it over here 😉

  2. Pradnya

    Yes, I thought of our Annual Function too, on 12th Jan… Fun days, those were certainly…Do you remember the cricket match in class 10th, just a day before out terminal exams? There were very few people present that day and after I got half of the team batting with me on the other end, run-out, the guys got very upset and we were requested to play something else..Lol!

    1. Richa Post author

      yeah yeah I remeber – LOL !!
      Do you remember our pre-pre-pre and pre boards in 10th ??
      I think we gave record highest number of exams in 10th class – rofl!!

  3. Shuchi

    Entire school life in a single post. Nice……….
    Although we had different friend circles but my school story is a replica of yours with just a mere changes in games and names (offcourse, we were in same school and sisters too ;))
    There’s one thing which we shared and I feel great about it….was the stage. Yes! We did share “The Stage” during Maharishi Schools’ Inter State Cultural Competition, it was the first and the last time that we two worked together. I never said it to you but I felt very proud ‘coz everytime either you performing alone or me but that time it was WE 🙂 We danced together, sang together and act together! It was a great experience, learnt a lot from you. I really enjoyed doing such activities with you and winning a couple of awards for our school also doubles the fun. And you know what? You were my Rockstar!

    You are my rockstar!
    n always be………… 🙂

    Luv u


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