Christmasy Shopping after Christmas Day

We got the chance to  buy some left-overs of the Christmas Day which was put on the lowest sale possible. I got the chance to buy some knick knacks all in red [christmasy u know] and Hyacinth.

I love Hyacinth and dreamed of growing them someday but never knew so soon I will be keeping them in my house and wait for them to bloom. They are my first pot plants. I bought them in just £2, pot+bulbs+compost. So i bought two pots and I can’t wait them to grow.

Another one

Rest of the shopping was just like that.  I always saw crackers in the store but I never gave a thought that they are really fireless-crackers for Christmas Day [I don’t think any Indian can even imagine any fireless crackers can exist in the world]. Two people pull them from each side and will make a strong pop sound [that’s the only sound you can hear] and out come some novelties, jokes, tinsel etc.  It was £2.50 of box during Christmas and I bought it in £0.85 [heh heh] in the name of Reva and later we both were pulling it.

Can you guess what is that in 3rd above picture with Snow Man on it  ?? I first saw it and thought of handbag and moved ahead. Later Vishal reminded me that we need an apron and I said yeah but I can’t find any and he showed me this 🙂 I must say I liked how it is packed, I like the way how they are size adjustable. One red apron for both of us [so Christmasy !]

Last but not the least, red cups for two [so so Christmasy!!]. I have nothing to say about it, I just bought them in random.

We went for shopping for ourselves but we bought nothing and instead we were enjoying to look into sales racks. What fun !


5 thoughts on “Christmasy Shopping after Christmas Day

  1. KKHM

    If only everyone was as clever – they could save loads of money by shopping for next years chrstimas just after this years christmas 🙂 Guess not a bad idea in these tough times..

  2. KKHM

    You are welcome and the pleasure is mine. I love reading your sunny blog. Brightens up my otherwise dull day at work..! 🙂


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