I am not a resolution person but 2010 makes me thinking certain things about myself. Having baby around I saw new side of me and my relationship with everyone – husband, daughter, parents, in-laws, sister, everyone. This year I found myself quite chaotic and disorganized. I was easily surrounded by negative thoughts and always thought that people are dragging me down, first time I felt stress in my life. I want to straight my thoughts as well as myself for new year, so I decided to make resolutions –

::Live in the PRESENT::

I hope happiness in future, regret the past and meanwhile forget the present [if you remember Amir Khan’s famous dialogue from the movie Rang De Basanti].  I always plan ahead for happiness and during the great planning I forget and neglect the present.  Coming New Year, I will only live in the present and think of no more than 2 months at a time.  I would try to show gratitude towards life and thank God for everything I have.


::Resume faith in God::

For more than a year I had questioned the existence of God but I couldn’t find anything against him. Maybe I was carrying wrong image of God or I was in wrong school of thoughts. Initially I started to take control of everything happened or happening to me, anything I wish or anything I regret, I acted as a wall for myself but we need a hand on ourselves don’t we ? A hand which will remain on us till the end. To whom we can confront anything, anytime. To whom I can thank for my life, ask for guidance or even make responsible for any unfortunate.  So I say little prayer for him “Thank God for everything I have and I accept happily whatever you give”.

And remember, “Everything happen, happens for a Reason”


::Resume my Career::

Try to resume my career after spring. Reva will be moving to playgroup next year so I will get a chance to go out again.


::To be more Organize::

I spent a year being chaotic and don’t want to repeat it again.


::Avoid being Lazy::


::Try to write as often as possible in Blog::

Also read and comment other blogs as well.


::Make routine of doing Yoga Daily::

::Stop thinking too much::


Hope I stick to them as long as possible.


One thought on “::Resolutions::

  1. KKHM

    I will say – amen to that lady.
    Really like your resolutions, especially the ‘Live in the present’

    Like they say :-

    Life Is What Happens While You’re Busy Planning It. 🙂


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