2010::A Revind

I would like to remember some of my favorite moments in the life as well as in my other favorite place my blog happened in 2010 before I welcome New Year.


We moved in London and best thing I liked here to have flowers on my table as often as possible. I always wished to have fresh flowers in or outside the house. Outside could not possible so I kept store-bought fresh flowers on my table almost every week.


I often wrote about my little one this year, she grown so much. Every month she grown so naughty, active and I loved capturing her sweet and cute moments in camera. Later when I watch them I feel so proud of her and speechless –


I always admire nature and blog inspired me more. I often try to capture nature as much as possible and sometimes Vishal helps me too. In California I enjoyed nature fullest, beaches, sunshine, greenery and London gave me the chance to capture the Autumn and Snow.

::Knit & Crochet::

This year I had made so many things I ever made. I started knitting this year, last time I knitted in 9th std under SUPW period.  Knitting basically happens for little one, I made many caps [some of the caps didn’t even get a chance to get a snap shot before we lost them], sweaters [my first time, two of them came out oversized], scarfs and so on. I am kind of proud of myself and made me satisfied as soon as I finished my project.

This year we were on real move, journey from California to India to London. Adapting new country, new city and missing the old. Year was full of ups and downs. If someone would ask me how was your year, I would give 2 out of 5. For past couple of weeks I was dying to year pass away quickly as possible and today when I am looking back it is making me nostalgic but I am quite happy as well. Blog becomes my second home, a getaway from chaotic mind. Although I started blogging in 2008 but this year I blogged from my heart. I wrote when I was down, I wrote when I was happy, I shared, I nagged. It gives me immense pleasure to write and click snaps of my day-to-day life. I would like to thank you all who came and visit me and spend your precious time reading about my marigold life. I appreciate you all from my bottom of my heart.


One thought on “2010::A Revind

  1. KKHM

    Love the collage.
    Colourful , cute, travel and creativity seems to summarize the year.

    Don’t see how you can give that 2 out of 5:-)


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