16th Months

Today Reva turned 16 months old. How fast she is growing, I just can’t believe my eyes.

January 2010

December 2010

She has been super active these days. Always on the run. She loves books. We made a separate box of books and she knows about it. She will pick books from it and bring to us to read them. She loves to listen some words like, ‘Aatchoo’, ‘big fat caterpillar’, ‘butterfly’. A book is read at least 3 times and some of the page goes many times. She learnt ‘threeee’. Vishal throw her in the air on three so whenever she wants to play she would say ‘threeeeeeee’. Her distress call is ‘mumma’, ‘memmy’, ‘mummy’ and many more forms. Before falling sleep she will give a lectures with pointing fingers in all the directions – so cute. She loves to play peek-a-boo, she just hide her face behind the wall and say taaa.., cute baby doesn’t know that her body is front of us and she is just hiding her face. so many things to say but I would save them for later.

Happy 16 Months Birthday Reva – Love and Blessings from Mommy and Daddy.


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