2010 – A Collage

Merry Christmas to all !!

This year I was hoping to have Christmas Tree in the house but couldn’t happen. I wished last year to have one and today I am not wishing to have it next year. Let see. Meanwhile, I made a video which is the slide show of some snaps till October. Places where we went, where we lived, what we enjoyed.. every moments we captured and I tried to give them a touch. Hope you like it –

Music: Yiruma – River flows into you

Places: San José, Santa Cruz, Mount Madonna, Stanford University, London, India.


4 thoughts on “2010 – A Collage

  1. KKHM

    Wow..! London, California and India – thats three different continents in one year.
    Your travel bug is hit by wanderlust !! 🙂

    The slide show was awesome (I had to click on the link to navigate to youtube to watch it as it wouldnt play on the blog). Really nice and sunny pictures (like the foggy ones too :-).

    I hope your 2011 is even more happening, filled with exictement and joy.

    And about the christmas tree, at least you did not endorse the cutting down of trees just to decorate the living room for a week.. 🙂


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