Snowtime – II

We have snow storm past weekend. It started from Friday but little. And on Saturday it snowed for 3 hours. Now we are all white, may be heading towards White Christmas. Some snaps of whiteness –

Its Snowing


After Snow


After snowfall we went to downstairs to have a look.  It snowed this much –

Snow under the feet



Street View


On Friday we bought ourself car – Ford. And in an hour it started snowing.

Car covered in snow

Later in the evening we have a snowman !!

Snow Man !


Still all is covered in snow, not even an inch is melted.  We are hoping no snow for coming days because we haven’t taken a proper ride in our car.  Till then I enjoyed the whiteness and not to mention coldness.


3 thoughts on “Snowtime – II

  1. KKHM

    Really nice photographs… andf brrrr.. just looking at the snow makes me feel cold… time for hot chocloate 🙂

    White Christmas ? yes that seems possible this year.. though i feel bad for all the people stranded amid the chaos trying to make journey back home for the Christmas holidays…

    As for me – I am going to stay home this holiday and make the most I can of the time with my family 🙂

  2. Rhea

    Cool Pics! We never get to see snow in California 😦
    I am newbie blogger…..loved your site and writing.
    Would be visiting more often!

    1. Richa Post author

      Welcome Rhea. Glad you like the snapshot. This is our first snow in London and yes it never snowed in California and I missed it so much. We just moved here from Bay Area.


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