Discipline is defined as a system of rules of conduct or method of practice.

My question is at what age does the discipline starts ? Our little one is getting naughtier and naughtier everyday. I love her being naughty all the time and that’s what the children is for but sometimes naughtiness crosses borders and almost touch the hazard or patience or annoying or frustration. Then I give a thought of disciplining her but left wondering, discipline at the age of 15 months ? A month before I started watching Supernanny and was inspired the way Joe set disciplines for kids. Bed routine, eating routine, potty training – everything was all set. I was tempted to see the ease of life it would be once  those disciplines comes into my life. I started to begin with bed routine. If she started sleeping in her own crib then it could makes wonders in our life. I got tired of sleeping on one side. Now she revolves and rotates on the bed. So one day Act# 1 started, luckily on that day she felt asleep at 8 PM and later we moved her in the crib. After 1 1/2 hrs she wake up and started crying to see her in the crib. Joe said, leave the child in the crib and let him/her fall asleep on her own but we decided to give her at least 15 mins. After 10 mins we all three were crying. Can’t do it, so instead letting her cry we took out one side of the crib and place it near our bed. In this way she is close to us and even has her own bed.

The we decided to put her in bed by 9 PM.  Act# 2 begins. We switch off all the lights, and started to sing her lullabies, songs, stories. After 45 mins, no sign of sleep. Then we decided to be tough and let her cry. 5 minutes of crying lead to vomiting.  Bed Routine failed. 2 weeks later we tried it again because it was past 11:30 PM and we both were dead tired and somebody was still jumping here and there. This time 2 minutes crying leads to vomiting. Official failure of Bed Time Routine. Later I stopped watching Supernanny because I don’t need her anymore. I can not be harsh on her at this age.

So I am wondering when should I start to discipline her, I weaned off her pacifier. That was not much difficult but rest of things seems impossible. If I want to be tough it leads to crying and crying is followed by vomiting, which is scary and now I can’t even let her cry for more than a minute. Sometimes I question, do I want discipline for her or myself ?


2 thoughts on “Discipline

  1. KKHM

    Parthishta, parampara and anushaashan.. 🙂

    Its a learning curve for the baby and the new parents – both. There are no right or wrong answers here, as it all depends on the context. When it comes to kid, there is no – one size fits all- solution. Each kid is different and that should be celebrated and respected. When I get a moment of peace and have some time to reflect on parenting – I feel its a bit like joyride – there are lows and highs.. and there is no getting out of it.. :-). So enjoy the ride.. no matter what..

    I also find it shocking how twisted the preception in the Indian mindset is. A lady doing a 9 to 5 job is ‘better respected’ than a full time mother..!
    I mean one is making money – and the other is bringing up a human being..! And still we choose the former. Material world.!

    Being a full time mommy is the most challeinging job in the world. As kids we never relaise that until we turn into parents ourselves. To handle all the scremaing, shouting, fighting, not eating food, not allowing to change diapers, not allowing you to sit and do something quitely – and to still love them- 24/7 – 365 days a year – Only a mother could do that.! So hats of to you all you mommies..!

    1. Richa Post author

      Thanks a ton KKHM. thanks for appreciating and understanding. They are quite a few people who understands the state of mind of a stay at home Mother.


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