Whats on telly ?

These days we are watching Masterchef India religiously. Vishal joined me last week. And yesterday we were so desperate to know who is going out next and to our surprise Zebi was out. Compared to Kandla she was far more talented chef but she could not stand the ghevar challenge which was really a tough one. Who cook ghevar at home ? Initially I find the series quite dramatic after watching Masterchef Australia and America but what do you except from Indian version, and superstar hosting the show – how could it be simple. Yesterday I was reading an interview of Sanjeev Kapoor in Indian Express, seems like somebody is feeling left out. My feelings are with him, after all he was the first chef os India who presented Indian cooking on television. He said, “In MasterChef India, food is not a priority” O common Sanjeev, don’t be baby. They are cooking and I know you are talking about all the entertainment, gaga and loudness on the show but it is the Indian version remember. Look it yourself now in Khana Khazana, last time I saw you in the show you were acting like you are selling Colgate and your acting :P. You are also loud and dramatic on the show so that’s even. I must applaud you on the new Food Channel and international food magazine, Indian cooking deserve to be shown. I think Sanjeev Kapoor should included in the show. You can read more about the article here.

After MasterChef India comes Koffee with Karan [actually it is aired before MC]. I am following Koffee with Karan from the start and most of its episodes leaves me at wit’s end. Yesterday came Anil Kapoor [I could not understand what he was doing at KK, maybe he is working on some hollywood project and he was associated with Oscar-winning movie], Sanjay Dutt, Kangana Ranaut [what in the name of God she was paired up with these two guys]. Anil Kapoor as always was high, Sanjay Dutt as always was low because he was too high and Kangana was trying to say something. Earlier came Kareena and Saif, I missed that one. I saw Deepika and Sonam’s episodes. Like his dad she was also quite high. I was so annoyed by her constant laughing [hein hein hein hein]. She looks so plain but I don’t how she has become fashion icon in India. She said some controversial statements, but KK is all known about gossips so who cares. Most funniest thing happened in that episode was when they all opened THE hamper and took out cupcake pack. Karan jumped from his seat and opened it at once and offered it to Sonam and Deepika. He first picked pink one and later said, I will have the blue one. Karan we already knew you are gay so don’t worry you pick blue or not.


These are my Indian watch but my entertainment comes from The Office and Desperate Housewives. Lost ended abruptly so I am not including it to my telly entertainment list. I started watching Desperate housewives when I was in College, 6 years ago. I started following The Office this summer.  I can’t say much about Office, you just have to watch to see how hilarious, crazy it is. it depicts the everyday lives of office employees in the Scranton branch of the fictional Paper Company. It is filmed in a single camera-setup. Its pure entertainment. Same is with Desperate housewives. It follows the lives of a group of women, seen through the eyes of their dead neighbor. They work through domestic struggles and family life, while facing the secrets, crimes and mysteries hidden behind the doors of their perfect suburban neighborhood. I saw Wisteria Lane setup in Universal Studio Los Angeles which hooked me even more with the series.

I also love Everybody Loves Raymond (every married couple should watch this series,so true and funny. The Simpsons, who wants to know more about American life must watch The Simpsons.  It take lots of effort these days to watch the entertainment you know – TV shutting off, channel got changed, somebody needs something etc etc…   On the other note we have 24/7 entertainment, who is learning twirling swirling these days 🙂


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