An active Weekend

Hello Everyone

Luckily we had sunshine over the weekend so we finally got the chance to go out from the house. On Saturday we went to see apartment for Vishal’s friend who is moving from other country and looking a flat around us.  We liked the apartment, it has model kitchen  – dishwasher, washer+dryer, big refrigerator, lift, parking space, all those things that we are badly missing but it lacks the space. We are still in the dodgy state in our apartment now, our dear landlord still not contacted us after leaving number of voice messages and emails. It had been over 2 weeks since he visited the house and more than a week he answered any of our call.  And today a developement happened, water in gas meter. Hot water supply and room heating has already stopped working and we are counting on cooking gas – yuhoo!!

Back to happy talking, we talked to some agents about renting any “decent” property. Lets see what they come up with. Saturday was spent on property hunt, park visit for little one and food. Yes I was quite active on food that day. For breakfast we had Bread rolls, I don’t remember when we had them last time and for lunch+dinner we had proper feast, roti, dal tadka, rice and baigan bharta – yum yum !! [I could give a round of a applause for myself, you too if you like ;)] and did baking as well. I bake chocolate cake this time.

getting ingredients ready

I found this yummy recipe here. Don’t you wish somebody just put that cake in your mouth at once.  When I saw it first time I wish the same, then after many days and thoughts I decided to give it a try myself :). The main appeal on Alicia’s cake is her frosting – Oh God !! . My cake came out nicely but then I don’t had time to make the frosting. I had vanilla ice-cream though.

Ebony and Ivory

We usually love vanilla ice-cream with warm Chocolate Walnut brownies and Vishal is not much into frosting. But we enjoyed it as well. Now next baking would be Walnut Brownies. So Saturday went good. Our Sunday always start on a lazy note but yesterday we decided to go to mall which will be indoor outing for all of us in the chilling winter. We got ready in 2 hrs [fast eh!] and then we were on our way. We decided to take brunch there but half way through our stomach started growling.  We had just a Cornish Pastry on the way, hoping we could have nice eatery in the mall. Mall was really big and beautiful. Reva was all happy and we bought her a new friend –

Winnie the Pooh

There was a Disney store and we could not stopped ourselves buying it, plus it was on sale. 2 years ago we went to Disneyland, Los Angeles. I bought Mickey Mouse that time, little did I know that somebody would be playing with him next year –

Mickey Mouse and 8 months old Reva 🙂

We were having nice time at the mall but somebody got sleepy. After Reva was asleep we thought of having quite lunch [which is not very often]. But every restaurant had at least 30 mins wait time and we left with only option of having something on fast food joint [bummer!]. As soon we had our fast lunch we decided to go to home, we opt for bus ride as it was straight to our place without change but took more than hour to reach and ended with headache to both of us [bummer again!]. Overall we had a quite a weekend and we enjoyed it. Hope you too had a nice weekend.


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