Pitter-Patter drops from the roof

We have a leaky roof for past couple of weeks and it’s getting worse every day. Leaky roof is annoying but things are dangerous when you have power socket on the same wall. 3 days ago we got power trip off which was due to that socket. Water was filled in the socket which was causing the trip. Electrician came and saw the situation, he straight away said “Oh this is dangerous”. It looks like this –

leaking roof

temporary arrangement of the socket

Last night it goes to next level and we got water dripping from light bulbs case. Getting dangerous everyday. Until now we kept calm on the situation but now seems like our landlord is not taking any serious actions. The first time we complaint about it we specific told him that the wall has electric socket. Instead to fix the leak temporary he is waiting for insurance approval to do construction from the scratch. Water is leaking buckets full and today morning it was dripping on floor as well. Living with toddler is getting dangerous in the apartment.  It had been more than 3 weeks with the leaky roof and now electricity getting involve, I am quite scare. We are bound with the year lease but current condition is unbearable. Thinking of moving out. Construction will last for 1 month and that to in the kitchen, I don’t think I can manage. Kitchen blocked for whole day, water supply stopped when they will repair the pipelines. Interesting eh !


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