Yes, I truly Thank God that friday has arrived. Nowadays by the end of Thursday I am quite exhausted and just wait to Friday come and quickly pass away. We don’t do much these days on weekend ( though a little fight is a must) but Vishal being around is enough for me. For five days I have to be on the toes all the time, taking care of little one – you know she is getting naughtier and naughtier everyday.  Just for your reference –


New look


New look is really cute, also an addition to our battlefield.


she heart Shoes



She loves any and every kind of shoes, specially Mommy and Daddy’s. Her favorite game is to play pretend-to-be-on-mobile.


Hi, this is Reva. Can you send more shoes please, Mommy is not letting me to play with the old ones.


These days everything is mobile – shoes, remote, mobile, toys….

After mobile comes the pressing button, she love to press the button. she learned from the book I bought past week and boy she is a fast learner [touchwood!]


Hear me giggle - yes we heard you all the time

She has now moved from book to remote, mobile anything that’s has buttons.


Next thing she loves to hide behind the TV where all sorts of cables are tucked and take our breath away.


trying to play with cables which Daddy tucked very nicely and spend some good amount of time to hide them


Last but not least is her toy basket. She likes to push the basket in the house and jump into it.


these toys are out and she is in


This is not the end, I am just started. One day I decided to take shots of her little mischiefs but by the end of the afternoon I gave up the camera. So you know why I need a break.

Happy Weekend,



4 thoughts on “~TGIF~

  1. Tulika

    That’a a very adorable post …love your little monster’s pics. I actually enjoyed every part of this blogpost


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