Vegetable Feast

Frankly I am not quite fond of fruits and vegetables. But raising a kid and reading some healthy articles from quite sometime I have decided to change my attitude towards fruits and vegetables and accept them with respect. After few searches in Google and some food site I came up an idea of eating vegetables in a healthy and tasteful form. By making Vegetable Roast.


Vegetables on baking tray


It is the most easiest way to cook and eat vegetables. Pick some vegetables you like, pick some you don’t like and pick some you like ok ok. I like – Potato [heh heh], Courgette (member of cucumber family),peppers, I don’t like – beans, carrots, okay like – carrots, broccoli. To add some kick I even add apple and grapes. Add 1-2 crushed cloves garlic. If you want you can add one onion as well. Then drizzle some olive oil (or any light oil), salt and pepper. Bake them for about 15-20 mins in a preheated oven, temperature 180 degree.  Take them out, move them in to bowl. I use less salt and prefer to add a salty cheese like goat or feta, another way of eating cheese.


Roast Vegetables



Tadaa – scrumptious roast vegetables are ready. Eat them as side dish, salad or snack. Even Reva likes them. The best thing I like them about is the color. Green, Yellow, White – they look so appealing.  I remember Reva’s doctor telling us to make her habit of eating 2 green, 2 yellow vegetables. But before we have to start it on ourselves and I hope this way we will be on right track.

Eat healthy and Stay healthy.


2 thoughts on “Vegetable Feast

  1. Pradny

    Tasty & easy…Isn’t it? Ritesh makes it a lot. His cooking mainly involves baking some veges and marinated chicken pieces and then having it with a couple of slices of (wholemeal) bread. Quick, healthy and clean 🙂


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