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Happy New Year – 2011

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous New Year 🙂

I decided to wake up till midnight and write the New Year post and I did – yipeee !!

So before I sign out I wish all of you again A very bright New Year and may all your dreams come true 🙂



I am not a resolution person but 2010 makes me thinking certain things about myself. Having baby around I saw new side of me and my relationship with everyone – husband, daughter, parents, in-laws, sister, everyone. This year I found myself quite chaotic and disorganized. I was easily surrounded by negative thoughts and always thought that people are dragging me down, first time I felt stress in my life. I want to straight my thoughts as well as myself for new year, so I decided to make resolutions –

::Live in the PRESENT::

I hope happiness in future, regret the past and meanwhile forget the present [if you remember Amir Khan’s famous dialogue from the movie Rang De Basanti].  I always plan ahead for happiness and during the great planning I forget and neglect the present.  Coming New Year, I will only live in the present and think of no more than 2 months at a time.  I would try to show gratitude towards life and thank God for everything I have.


::Resume faith in God::

For more than a year I had questioned the existence of God but I couldn’t find anything against him. Maybe I was carrying wrong image of God or I was in wrong school of thoughts. Initially I started to take control of everything happened or happening to me, anything I wish or anything I regret, I acted as a wall for myself but we need a hand on ourselves don’t we ? A hand which will remain on us till the end. To whom we can confront anything, anytime. To whom I can thank for my life, ask for guidance or even make responsible for any unfortunate.  So I say little prayer for him “Thank God for everything I have and I accept happily whatever you give”.

And remember, “Everything happen, happens for a Reason”


::Resume my Career::

Try to resume my career after spring. Reva will be moving to playgroup next year so I will get a chance to go out again.


::To be more Organize::

I spent a year being chaotic and don’t want to repeat it again.


::Avoid being Lazy::


::Try to write as often as possible in Blog::

Also read and comment other blogs as well.


::Make routine of doing Yoga Daily::

::Stop thinking too much::


Hope I stick to them as long as possible.

2010::A Revind

I would like to remember some of my favorite moments in the life as well as in my other favorite place my blog happened in 2010 before I welcome New Year.


We moved in London and best thing I liked here to have flowers on my table as often as possible. I always wished to have fresh flowers in or outside the house. Outside could not possible so I kept store-bought fresh flowers on my table almost every week.


I often wrote about my little one this year, she grown so much. Every month she grown so naughty, active and I loved capturing her sweet and cute moments in camera. Later when I watch them I feel so proud of her and speechless –


I always admire nature and blog inspired me more. I often try to capture nature as much as possible and sometimes Vishal helps me too. In California I enjoyed nature fullest, beaches, sunshine, greenery and London gave me the chance to capture the Autumn and Snow.

::Knit & Crochet::

This year I had made so many things I ever made. I started knitting this year, last time I knitted in 9th std under SUPW period.  Knitting basically happens for little one, I made many caps [some of the caps didn’t even get a chance to get a snap shot before we lost them], sweaters [my first time, two of them came out oversized], scarfs and so on. I am kind of proud of myself and made me satisfied as soon as I finished my project.

This year we were on real move, journey from California to India to London. Adapting new country, new city and missing the old. Year was full of ups and downs. If someone would ask me how was your year, I would give 2 out of 5. For past couple of weeks I was dying to year pass away quickly as possible and today when I am looking back it is making me nostalgic but I am quite happy as well. Blog becomes my second home, a getaway from chaotic mind. Although I started blogging in 2008 but this year I blogged from my heart. I wrote when I was down, I wrote when I was happy, I shared, I nagged. It gives me immense pleasure to write and click snaps of my day-to-day life. I would like to thank you all who came and visit me and spend your precious time reading about my marigold life. I appreciate you all from my bottom of my heart.

Chocolate Affairs

We pick up a Chocolate box yesterday while shopping groceries. For past month stores are alluring customers with discounted boxes of chocolate and liquors. Chocolates are way more tempting and they are made even more tempting during holidays. Eye catching packaging, mouth-watering pictures of chocolates using fancy names and they are placed everywhere in the store. On the entrance, corners, on the way, over the counter, on the cash area. We both have choclate love and our little one also has inherited from us [though we avoid giving chocolate to her but sometimes she just make so innocent faces that we have to give her] and we were trying to avoid them giving all possible reasons but yesterday we finally bought it in the name of New Year celebration [ha ha ! as if we were actually opening on the New Year].  We bought Thornton’s Classic Collection. Vishal told me that they are one of the famous Chocolatier in UK (A chocolatier is someone who makes confectionery from chocolate).

Thorntons Classic Collection Chocolate box

It was just a normal box in the crowd but when I opened the box it was looking delish –

yum yum !!

A menu was also provided to explain the assortment –

Menu along with box of Chocolate - ahaan !

Every type was explained –

Interesting !

So far I love Strawberry Velvet and Chocolate Truffle and yet to taste rest. I remember how the Diary Milk was our only source of indulging in the Chocolate. How we bet for it, treat on it, to make someone happy, spread our happiness through it. Just a bar of Diary Milk was all we need when it comes to special treat. The only Chocolate we knew. Though I ate “The Art of Chocolatiers” but somewhere in my mind I do missed my diary milk bar. I missed the way I slide the bar of chocolate wrapped on golden foil from its blue cover. I loved slightly chilled bar so when I put it in my mouth it should stayed for at least 1 minute and slowly dissolved [Where is my diary milk, I want it now !].  In early days Mom used to give us only small piece from the bar per day so it would stay for while [my parents and in-laws are also chocoholic]. Moral of the story is I love Chocolates and God Bless the man/woman who made this fine piece of taste indulging whole world.

Life is like a box of chocolates… you never know what you’re gonna get.
— Forrest Gump

16th Months

Today Reva turned 16 months old. How fast she is growing, I just can’t believe my eyes.

January 2010

December 2010

She has been super active these days. Always on the run. She loves books. We made a separate box of books and she knows about it. She will pick books from it and bring to us to read them. She loves to listen some words like, ‘Aatchoo’, ‘big fat caterpillar’, ‘butterfly’. A book is read at least 3 times and some of the page goes many times. She learnt ‘threeee’. Vishal throw her in the air on three so whenever she wants to play she would say ‘threeeeeeee’. Her distress call is ‘mumma’, ‘memmy’, ‘mummy’ and many more forms. Before falling sleep she will give a lectures with pointing fingers in all the directions – so cute. She loves to play peek-a-boo, she just hide her face behind the wall and say taaa.., cute baby doesn’t know that her body is front of us and she is just hiding her face. so many things to say but I would save them for later.

Happy 16 Months Birthday Reva – Love and Blessings from Mommy and Daddy.

Last Sunday of the Year

Yesterday we had little fun.  We took a drive in our new car, although we took drive twice but it wasn’t a fun drive.  One was to the hospital for vaccination and the other one was hunt for car seat for little one. But yesterday we really had fun day. Fun really begun on Christmas evening when we suddenly came to know that we are out of diapers for Reva. Being a parent is really living in an adventure, it would have sounded me normal when someone told me that “hey I was out of diaper stock for my baby”, if I would not be a parent but day before yesterday was very much like state of national emergency. Every shop in the city is closed, celebrating Christmas and we had diaper crisis. I don’t know how I missed the stock and I don’t know how diaper had to end on that particular day but it all happened. Luckily I found 3 diapers in my diaper bag but we were not sure whether they would last for 14 hours. And soon in 20 minutes one was down. We checked some stores near us which will opened as early as possible. We suck it all up and spent the night and wake up at 6 AM (by the way no shop opened at this hour).  After making few calls  we decided to go a near by shop which would open at 10 AM and had all the desired requirements of what we need.  We later extended our plan for lunch out because who would have stamina to cook after the store visit. Since it was Boxing Day then why not check out some store. So plan was Store – Lunch – Shopping which would include car drive.

It felt so good when we reach our nearby store in less than 5 minutes. Earlier it took 30 minutes by city bus plus all the hassles of walking, carrying baby stroller, carrying heavy supplies. We reach store, rush to the baby section and pick up the diapers and officially we were done of our requirements but unofficially we had to buy some more stuffs.  After an hour we were done with the Store shopping. In the end we were damn hungry and baby was too sleepy. We headed to high street for lunch and shopping. We decided to go Nando’s for lunch, but were not sure whether the restaurant will be open or not and if it is opened then with baby we would have a messy lunch. As soon as we reach the high street we say the restaurant was opened and as we reached parking lot, baby felt asleep. We had a nice, quite and satisfactory lunch.

Setting the table and waiting for the order. I planned to take the snap of our yummy lunch but could not wait to eat it

I could write a post on Nando’s. For past couple weeks we were planning to go but yesterday it finally happened and we ate to our hearts content. Baby wake just on time. Then we headed to shopping street. Vishal specifically said that we are going to buy just one jacket for Reva and rest of the shopping will be done for ourselves. We ended with Reva’s shopping where we get a good deal on her clothing. As we reach to our store we lost the courage for any more shopping. So we decided to go back. On the way back I bought some earrings for myself, I forgot my earring box in India and for past months I had nothing on my ears so a little shopping for myself and sadly Vishal had nothing. On the way we had hot chocolate and Ginger loaf. I never tasted ginger loaf before, and it reminded me of something tasty my grandmother used to make in winters. Something with saunth (dried ginger), soup or laddoo I don’t remember. I am going to try this one for sure. Oh I forgot I tried Carrot cake on Christmas day, it was good.

Carrot Cake

I found the recipe here. I used normal sugar and no orange zest. The best thing I liked about this cake is its softness. It came out ultra soft. Less flour is used, so you get the real taste of carrots. In the last the spices, my first experience with spices in cake. Like it.

I wanted to click at least one snap of Christmas tree but the battery of our camera went dead. It was not like it went out suddenly, it was flashing for many days but we lazy people. In all we had a good day. We reached home just before the sunset and tucked the baby for nap. Meanwhile we watched Masterchef  India finale. I was quite disappointed to see the last challenge. India is known for its vast diversity of  cuisines and they ended up which French Wedding Cake competition and that to cake was looking disgusting. Cake was ready, its decoration was ready, they just need to make those balls and mount them in a shape – what yaar!!.  For me it was like stage for Akshay to promote his movies and not about food. We were happy to see both the finalist are from Lucknow and wishing Jayanandan to win but Pankaj won. Why our TV shows and movies are larger than life, why can’t they be close to reality and people. Anyways, they are going to same for next 20 years so no point on barking when I know nothing would change.

Lastly I would like to dedicate the song “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. I heard it many times but these days I am watching Glee and this song is like anthem song of the show so I am listening it over and over and loving it.

Have a nice time, Cheers.

PS: Please click on “Watch in youtube” link when play the link. I dont know why these days no youtube video are playing in the post.

2010 – A Collage

Merry Christmas to all !!

This year I was hoping to have Christmas Tree in the house but couldn’t happen. I wished last year to have one and today I am not wishing to have it next year. Let see. Meanwhile, I made a video which is the slide show of some snaps till October. Places where we went, where we lived, what we enjoyed.. every moments we captured and I tried to give them a touch. Hope you like it –

Music: Yiruma – River flows into you

Places: San José, Santa Cruz, Mount Madonna, Stanford University, London, India.