A Hat and two Scarf

This winter I am really kicking some first time projects in Knitting. For past two years I was hooked up on hook that is Crochet and these days on Knitting. London weather and its yarn is also supporting my enthusiasm. In couple of weeks I made my first knitted scarf and cabled hat. One scarf for Vishal, one for me and a hat which was originally made for him but later it was declared by him that it is better for her 🙂

Scarf for Him

The original name of the scarf is Acacia Scarf which I found in Ravelry link.  This is a crochet pattern. What I love most about this pattern is being very simple pattern but gives a very intricate look. I really loved working on this pattern. I used merino wool for the scarf which I think gave the desired look and the color was perfect on Vishal.

Getting ready for work 🙂

This Vishal’s first scarf ever and it makes me really happy thinking that he is wearing his first scarf which is my first scarf as well.

Scarf for her

This is really very easy pattern of scarf in Knitting, just following garter stitch pattern in 200gm of yarns. I never worked on multicolor yarn and it was very much interesting. My favorite thing in any scarf is making fringe ;), I just love to add fringes, I think fringe give swing in the scarf.

my cozy multicolor scarf

Now comes the hat, I made hats before but this is my first cabled hat.

Cabled Hat

I found this pattern this Ravelry link but I made few changes here and there. I am quite proud of this hat, can’t wait to experiment more cables. Cable knitting is a type of knit stitch in which one group of stitches is crossed over or under another group of stitches, changing the order in which those stitches appear on the knitting needles. Like if you have stitches in the order of ABCD, then next time they will be stitched in the order CDAB.

So here are my few projects watching TV, enjoying cold weather, mostly watching TV and saving knitting needles and yarns from her. More to go…


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