Remebering Childhood

I like birds. When I was little my father brought a newborn parrot baby home. He found it in a tree hole who he has to get rid off to repair some power lines. We give him an obvious name “Mitthu”. He was such a delight. We managed to teach him two words  – Mitthu and Didi. I still remember his voice saying – mitthu, mitthu, didi, didi. Whenever guest arrives or he see someone after long time or he feel hungry or we tease him or he see cat or dog he goes – mitthu, mitthu, didi, didi. We used to live in Gwalior those days and I remember how Papa managed him to pack in a mango box with lots of holes and food in it. We were traveling to Bhopal on train with one of our mango box luggage. All the way he was chanting mitthu, mitthu, didi, didi, when TT arrived mommy had to put blanket on the box so that his voice doesn’t reach the TT. Me and my sister were very petrified and praying – Please God don’t kill our Mitthu. As soon as we reach home first thing we cut the box open and Mitthu flew into the room and we all took a deep breath. I was quite attached to him, I played with him everyday, he liked it very much when I play my finger in his feathers and tickle him. I put his feeding bowl in his cage which was like a big room for him. He was with us for 8 years but one day my father decided to let him free, for couple of days we resisted that how he will survive on its own, what if cat see him, what if he doesn’t want to go and gave all the reasons. But father has decided to let him go because he started to had the feeling that he had prisoned him, so one day we let him go…………

I cried for couple of days, I lost my favorite pet or I can say a member of our family. Since then I loved to watch every bird, love to feed them. Whenever I see parrot flock I remember Mitthu.  Now when I am in London I see birds everywhere specially pigeon. To my wonder, Reva also loves them. She goes all giggly when they are near. So I decided to keep feeding bowls for birds in my balcony. I put some rice and lentils in the bowls and boy not a single pigeon came for even a taste. I wonder why don’t they like basmati rice and first class quality of lentils. That was depressing. One day I heard on telly to keep food for birds outside to help them in the winter. So I decided to bought bird food and give it a go. Voila !! birds knows everything. They want me to spend some bucks on them and prefered degrade quality of grains over my fine quality – as long as they are coming and eating in my balcony, I am okay with it.  It was huge hit and food disappeared in minutes.

I scattered some on grounds

I put some on balcony wall

And then they come –

I have to hang Vishal's shirt to get some shots, they are camera-shy you see

white one also come - yuhoo !!

all finished

Baby was happy to see her friends –


I am happy too 🙂


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