Sniff Sniff – somebody got sick

Little munchkin got cough and cold last week and it was really very bad. Running nose, heavy breathing, chest full of cough which was making her difficult to breathe. Her nose turned all red after so much wiping from tissue. It was the toughest 7 days for all of us and worst for baby. She could not sleep because her nose get blocked, she lost her appetite, she could not digest even her favorite milk and throw all out. Suddenly baby with happy feet was dull. It was really depressing to see her like that, for 2 days she didn’t utter a word. Thankfully we get an appointment in emergency and to our much relief her cold was normal, nothing serious. Doctor prescribed antibiotics but asked us to wait for 48 hrs to start. Her cold got worst and later she started to have temperature. Thankfully things went under control once we started antibiotics. Today she is normal and happy feet is resuming their rhythm. Boy! its hard to understand  the kid when she is not at all well. She was all cranky and fussy, no one can understand what she wants. We were so frightened by her frequent throw ups after milk and milk was only thing she only likes to have.  She took breath from her mouth during sleep and every 10-15 mins her mouth get dry and then she have the cold spells. fever made thing worst.  Thank God, antibiotic worked, Now I can take a calm breath and wish a sound health for everyone.

I remember now when I felt sick few times and now I know how my parents gone through. Why little one get sick, they  are better off with giggles, running, making mess but not when they are sick and miserable.


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