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Season’s first Snow

Early morning when I wake up to get Reva’s milk bottle, I stared outside whilst the milk was heating up in microwave I saw snow. It was my first snow of life :). For past week there were speculation of snowfall and I was all geared up to see snow but today morning came with  a surprise. Here are few shots taken from 7 AM till 11 AM.


at 7AM



at 8AM

at 9AM

at 10 AM

It is still snowing outside.  It is so cold, temperature is 1 degree, brrrr !!!



A Hat and two Scarf

This winter I am really kicking some first time projects in Knitting. For past two years I was hooked up on hook that is Crochet and these days on Knitting. London weather and its yarn is also supporting my enthusiasm. In couple of weeks I made my first knitted scarf and cabled hat. One scarf for Vishal, one for me and a hat which was originally made for him but later it was declared by him that it is better for her 🙂

Scarf for Him

The original name of the scarf is Acacia Scarf which I found in Ravelry link.  This is a crochet pattern. What I love most about this pattern is being very simple pattern but gives a very intricate look. I really loved working on this pattern. I used merino wool for the scarf which I think gave the desired look and the color was perfect on Vishal.

Getting ready for work 🙂

This Vishal’s first scarf ever and it makes me really happy thinking that he is wearing his first scarf which is my first scarf as well.

Scarf for her

This is really very easy pattern of scarf in Knitting, just following garter stitch pattern in 200gm of yarns. I never worked on multicolor yarn and it was very much interesting. My favorite thing in any scarf is making fringe ;), I just love to add fringes, I think fringe give swing in the scarf.

my cozy multicolor scarf

Now comes the hat, I made hats before but this is my first cabled hat.

Cabled Hat

I found this pattern this Ravelry link but I made few changes here and there. I am quite proud of this hat, can’t wait to experiment more cables. Cable knitting is a type of knit stitch in which one group of stitches is crossed over or under another group of stitches, changing the order in which those stitches appear on the knitting needles. Like if you have stitches in the order of ABCD, then next time they will be stitched in the order CDAB.

So here are my few projects watching TV, enjoying cold weather, mostly watching TV and saving knitting needles and yarns from her. More to go…

Remebering Childhood

I like birds. When I was little my father brought a newborn parrot baby home. He found it in a tree hole who he has to get rid off to repair some power lines. We give him an obvious name “Mitthu”. He was such a delight. We managed to teach him two words  – Mitthu and Didi. I still remember his voice saying – mitthu, mitthu, didi, didi. Whenever guest arrives or he see someone after long time or he feel hungry or we tease him or he see cat or dog he goes – mitthu, mitthu, didi, didi. We used to live in Gwalior those days and I remember how Papa managed him to pack in a mango box with lots of holes and food in it. We were traveling to Bhopal on train with one of our mango box luggage. All the way he was chanting mitthu, mitthu, didi, didi, when TT arrived mommy had to put blanket on the box so that his voice doesn’t reach the TT. Me and my sister were very petrified and praying – Please God don’t kill our Mitthu. As soon as we reach home first thing we cut the box open and Mitthu flew into the room and we all took a deep breath. I was quite attached to him, I played with him everyday, he liked it very much when I play my finger in his feathers and tickle him. I put his feeding bowl in his cage which was like a big room for him. He was with us for 8 years but one day my father decided to let him free, for couple of days we resisted that how he will survive on its own, what if cat see him, what if he doesn’t want to go and gave all the reasons. But father has decided to let him go because he started to had the feeling that he had prisoned him, so one day we let him go…………

I cried for couple of days, I lost my favorite pet or I can say a member of our family. Since then I loved to watch every bird, love to feed them. Whenever I see parrot flock I remember Mitthu.  Now when I am in London I see birds everywhere specially pigeon. To my wonder, Reva also loves them. She goes all giggly when they are near. So I decided to keep feeding bowls for birds in my balcony. I put some rice and lentils in the bowls and boy not a single pigeon came for even a taste. I wonder why don’t they like basmati rice and first class quality of lentils. That was depressing. One day I heard on telly to keep food for birds outside to help them in the winter. So I decided to bought bird food and give it a go. Voila !! birds knows everything. They want me to spend some bucks on them and prefered degrade quality of grains over my fine quality – as long as they are coming and eating in my balcony, I am okay with it.  It was huge hit and food disappeared in minutes.

I scattered some on grounds

I put some on balcony wall

And then they come –

I have to hang Vishal's shirt to get some shots, they are camera-shy you see

white one also come - yuhoo !!

all finished

Baby was happy to see her friends –


I am happy too 🙂

Sniff Sniff – somebody got sick

Little munchkin got cough and cold last week and it was really very bad. Running nose, heavy breathing, chest full of cough which was making her difficult to breathe. Her nose turned all red after so much wiping from tissue. It was the toughest 7 days for all of us and worst for baby. She could not sleep because her nose get blocked, she lost her appetite, she could not digest even her favorite milk and throw all out. Suddenly baby with happy feet was dull. It was really depressing to see her like that, for 2 days she didn’t utter a word. Thankfully we get an appointment in emergency and to our much relief her cold was normal, nothing serious. Doctor prescribed antibiotics but asked us to wait for 48 hrs to start. Her cold got worst and later she started to have temperature. Thankfully things went under control once we started antibiotics. Today she is normal and happy feet is resuming their rhythm. Boy! its hard to understand  the kid when she is not at all well. She was all cranky and fussy, no one can understand what she wants. We were so frightened by her frequent throw ups after milk and milk was only thing she only likes to have.  She took breath from her mouth during sleep and every 10-15 mins her mouth get dry and then she have the cold spells. fever made thing worst.  Thank God, antibiotic worked, Now I can take a calm breath and wish a sound health for everyone.

I remember now when I felt sick few times and now I know how my parents gone through. Why little one get sick, they  are better off with giggles, running, making mess but not when they are sick and miserable.

Quick update


Hello Everyone !!


Coming to my blog world after a month, I need to be more active now. Hope you all are fine  and enjoying weather. These days we have winter in full swing. Brr !!

Somebody is doing lot of growing –


taking a stroll


Somebody is getting smarter –


other way of enjoying slide


and naughtier and naughtier –


one of the mess in the kitchen


Somebody got his new guitar –


Nice !


and Somebody finished some knitting projects –


Reva's hooded jacket


So you see for past month we had been very active 🙂

See you very soon, Take Care.