Autumn has come



Season of bliss and mellow fruitfulness



Ripe and sun-kissed in golden happiness



Brown leaves are falling down, down, down onto the ground


This is going to be our first winter in England. Weather is quite unpredictable here, one week its cold, other week its rainy and yesterday and today it is sunny and pleasant. On saturday we went to nearby park for a stroll and I took some snaps of autumn and our little one in park trying to walk on her own.


Walk started as soon as we reach downstairs



it was on fullest when we reach at park


Reva had just walking but in a week she is doing good. We need shoes for her, we could not pur her on ground for long without shoes. She enjoyed it very much and made some friends also 🙂


some bird watching


Next on the list is shoes for her.

I took the poetic lines from the Cbeebies Autumn Song:


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