Weekday Baking – Banana Bread

I know I am writing the post on Saturday about the weekday baking but what to do, I got the time today. So, I baked Banana bread on Wednesday for Reva. I now cook or bake anything keeping in mind of Reva because she likes to eat with us and I hate when she left alone when we eat together. The recipe of banana bread is butter free and good for kids and adult too. I baked it and guess what, Reva loved it so much that she ate whole loaf of the bread. I am not a fan of banana but I liked the bread too. So recipe goes like this:

The Ingredients

I used:

2 Eggs

225gms self rasing four

4T vegetable oil

2t baking powder

2 Ripe Bananas

2t Vanilla Essence

100gms Sugar

First mash the bananas in a bow. I used fork to mash them.

Mash the bananas

Then add oil into the bananas

Add oil

The add eggs and mix the mixture well

then goes the Eggs

To make it more interesting I add raisins, next time I am going to add chopped walnuts to give a light crunch.

add Raisins if you want

Ideally you first mix the dry ingredients separate and mix them in the wet ingredient bowl slowly to avoid any lumps but i just dumped all the dry ingredients one by one and slowly in the wet bowl.

Now add dry ingredients - add the baking powder in flour first and then add to the mixture

When the mixture is ready it will look like this

add vanila essence and the mixture is ready to go in baking dish

pour the mixture in oiled loaf tin

Put it the baking tray into a pre-heated oven at 180ºC  for 30–40 minutes.


We are so ready to eat it

baby is ready to take a bite

Franky it took me just 10 mins to make the batter and bread was ready in 35 minutes. Hope you will try this easy peasy and tasty bread for snacks.

Take Care, Cheers.


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